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The realities of the current day or require the use of more efficient and less overhead surveillance and control technology. New abilities promising in the field came with the IP-cameras. Their release has greatly eclipsed issue of analog cameras. For your successful entry into the field of network CCTV should know the answers to the following questions.

1. Why a shift to IP-Surveillance?

Network video systems possess comparable to the lowest price and highest quality. First explains the introduction of an existing IT-infrastructure, networking and intelligence technology, operating in almost all companies. Namely, in the IT industry used cheap cable strip that can be used to connect IP-based cameras. Second advantage is also a prerequisite for motivating the transition to IP-Surveillance and opens up the possibility of using the latest advances in technology with the highest precision — CCTV camera with the highest resolution and progressive in analog performance are not released, though the ability to record all details of the accident is much higher.

2. Whether you are a member of a partnership with a service IT?

Installation of network video surveillance is the security department or its suppliers means to enter into a dialogue with the IT-department. In practice, to ensure of success should be included in the decision-making function of IT-service due to the fact that the installation of the network is a separate bill. If you need to, so that surveillance cameras have a low cost of use, then it is an autonomous network will bring you to the utility.

3. Designed to network bandwidth?

Calculation of the state enterprise network is the main factor in the planning of the network CCTV. Some suppliers of products recommended to organize a special videopodset that can guarantee supreme the level of its properties.

To increase the number of ports that can be connected network video servers or additional cameras, we need additional network switches, which does not overload the budget. But it is best to discuss these issues with employees IT-service, dedicating them to the intricacies of their own plan for their authoritative assessment. This approach is explained in that the storage of the video play an important role in calculating the load your network.

4. Transition for network video surveillance really necessary?

In this case, it all depends on the reasons, we conclude the current state of the system, and the goals that will pursue a new project. If you need to lower the overall cost of use and quality of the display, then you can keep your existing analog cameras, network video servers using to implement the transition of analog video signal into a digital format for transmission over the network. But if you want to improve the quality of the display, then you must change an old camera on models of network cameras.

An additional argument in favor of a transition to IP-Surveillance is the ability to monitor the status of the object at a distance by means of a tablet computer or phone. This opportunity appeared with the emergence of 3G-internet. Now, even while away on business or on vacation, you can keep control of the work of the Cabinet or the behavior of children of the house.

Possible difficulties that arise in step transition will pay the benefits of the network, amazing image quality and the prospect of reducing operating costs. Taking into account the totality of such benefits can be read as a promising future IP-Surveillance.

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