Scientists believe that life on earth originated deep below the surface



A recent study has led scientists to the conclusion that the key to solving the mystery of the origin of life on our planet to be found in ecosystems, located deep underground. Underground life forms are found everywhere, and some of them live very deep. Take, for example, tiny worms found at a depth of 3.7 kilometers in South Africa, or micro-organisms living deep six kilometers in China.

The Executive Director of the Carnegie Institution of Robert Hazen says: "In recent years we have made many discoveries in the study of the deep microbial life." John Baross of the University of Washington, said that the study of deep micro-organisms will allow scientists to unravel the "intriguing part of the evolution." He said: "We have every reason to believe that life did not originate on the surface and underground. There are all conditions for that. Now, the farther we penetrate into the depth of the more exciting new kinds of life we will be able to meet. "

Results of the study microbial life at great depths below the surface of the earth will give scientists a lot of answers to questions about the possibility of finding life on other planets.

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