Scotland: Find the most ancient inhabitant of the land




Scientists believe that fossil found in Scotland belong to the very first inhabitants of the land on our planet.

Centimeter millipede was found near Stonhevena in Aberdeenshire. Researchers at the National Museum of Scotland and Yale University, who studied the find for a few months, saying that she was about 428 million years.

It is the most ancient of all known evidence of life on land.

Millipede found Mike Newman, who spends his free time in search of fossils. Scientists describe the find in his honor — Pneumodesmus newmani.

Fascinating hobby

"I knew that these places are very old, and I was sure that any discovery will be very important. Before I found here centipedes, but this had holes, which pointed to the fact that it really was breathing air," — says Newman who works at Aberdeen bus driver.

Newman specializes in fossils of ancient fish and even wrote an article on this topic in scientific journals.

"Scotland is particularly interesting for its Paleozoic, dotriasovymi layers and the period before the dinosaurs on Earth — says Newman. — Such interesting places here more than in the United States and Russia together."

"Here you can find amazing specimens of prehistoric vertebrates. Think about it — this is the first animal that got out of the water to the land" — continues to Newman.

Newman found a fossil 20 million years older than any previously known. Previously, the championship belonged to a similar form as the spider animal, fossil of which was found also in Aberdeenshire.

Battery News, 26.01.2004 18:14
Source: BBC

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