Severodvinsk shipbuilders DECEMBER 30, launched the second serial nuclear submarine «Vladimir Monomakh»

Severodvinsk shipbuilders DECEMBER 30, launched the second serial nuclear submarine

Sevmash military shipyard in Severodvinsk December 30 ceremony output stacker of shop second serial nuclear submarine / submarine / strategic focus of Project 955 / cipher «Northwind» / — «Vladimir Monomakh». This was said today by ITAR-TASS, the press service of the plant.
«After the withdrawal of the submarine hangar» Vladimir Monomakh » to be launched and will start mooring and sea trials, «- said the press service of the shipyard.
«Vladimir Monomakh» — The third ship of the «Northwind». It belongs to a class strategic nuclear submarine cruisers destination. Designed to CDB Marine Engineering «Rubin» / St. Petersburg /. Icebreaker was laid down at Sevmash March 19, 2006 — a day to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian submarine fleet. «During the construction of the submarine» Vladimir Monomakh » used the latest achievements in reducing noise, — the press-service. — Powered icebreaker new missile system is armed with intercontinental ballistic missile solid fuel / IDB / «Bulava».
Head submarine Project 955 — «Yury Dolgoruky», also built at Sevmash, graduated program from testing and is ready for transmission of the Russian Navy. First serial cruiser of the project — «Alexander Nevsky» — In the current time passes the state tests. Company is based on the stocks of the submarine «Prince Vladimir» planted this summer to improve the draft 955A.
«Borei» armed ICBM «Bulava», are intended to form the basis of the naval strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation for the coming decade. As previously reported, only until 2020 to build eight «Boreas» — Three of their Project 955 and 5 — 955A / upgraded low noise emission and power weapons — 20 ICBM «Bulava» each /. Construction of the lead ship «Yuri Dolgoruky» at a cost of 23 billion rubles, the price of production must be less than cruisers.
Sevmash — the largest in Russia shipbuilding complex, situated on the coast of the White Sea. Has developed engineering and metallurgical base. Capacities allow to build ships and vessels of up to 100 tons with classical and nuclear power plants. The company employs more than 26 thousand people. Sevmash comes in the United Shipbuilding Company. For more than 70-year history of the shipyard built 45 surface ships, submarines, 163, 128 of them — with a nuclear power plant. At the moment, Sevmash is building a 2-groups submarines last generation — drum / cipher «Ash» and / strategic / code «Northwind» /.

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