Shallow earthquake in China

Shallow earthquake in China Natural Disasters

On the border of the two Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Innan Lidzyan occurred near the town of fairly strong shallow earthquake of magnitude 5.7. The depth of the earthquake was 11 km, according to the U.S. Geological Survey — 9.3 km, which is quite dangerous for such a densely populated area, as living within range of at least 900 thousand people.

Seismic hazard maps

Two minutes after the main shock had the second episode of the power of 3.3 points. The earthquake was the destruction of more than 14 million homes in the mountainous border region. Killed 4 people living in the districts and Ninlyan Yanyuan. 17 people were seriously injured, a further 86 were injured, but not serious.

At this moment emergency services working to secure homeless locals and prepare to clear the blockages. Their work will complicate weather forecast, which promises around Ninlyan heavy rains during the week.

In March last year Innane earthquake killed 25 people and brought significant damage province. Disaster magnitude 7.9 in Sichuan in May 2008 caused the death or disappearance of about 90 thousand people.

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