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Next year, we expect you four eclipses — 19.04, 4.05, 14.10 and 28.10, which is usually fatal impact on the fate of the inhabitants of our land. However, not all — some are lucky, and for them the eclipse will pass unnoticed …
The year 2004 will not only be a leap year, but also a monkey! She is known to be an unpredictable beast and very selfish, so relax us in the future year is unlikely. Endless intrigue, empty vanity, hysteria will not in the future, the rest, even for people with kanatopodobnymi nerves. However, astrologers do not promise any wars and disasters, but rather — solve most contentious issues, and not just in politics. Monkey — the animal whimsical and extravagant, but at heart a very peaceful and good-natured. That's why even though we'll have to live the whole year as a volcano, but it does not have to wake up the volcano. Of course, if you do not make rash decisions, especially in my personal life. According to astrologers, love affairs this year, driven to despair and frustration is not even a hundred thousand, and the people here are family does have the courage and patience — adventures on the side will become a fixture of the next year.

However, astrologers with their monkey forecasts much more optimistic than people with secular trappings. After simple arithmetic calculations (if the math quite tight, you can look at the calendar) leap next year is an undeniable fact. This means not only that we have to work on a winter day more than that in a year we will not be a good 365, and 366 days of suspicious, but that married this year is not recommended, as, indeed, anything at all is not recommended . Well, February 29 — the same day the coveted — generally considered to be cursed. It is on the 29 day of the second month of winter fall all the troubles that had accumulated over 4 years. A master of every leap year, as February 29 is the most shameful and least favorite saint — Kasian. Not only that, he is greedy, arrogant and jealous, so also has the "evil eye" and is considered an apostate. According to various legends, he was first in the retinue of the Lord, and then sold to the devil, and then repented and was again admitted to the saints. The other legend says that Kasian refused to help the farmer to pull the cart out of the mud, so as not to stain the robe. Who was also close to Casian Nicholas did his best and helped commoner. The Lord saw this thing, and awarded two of Patron Saint Nicholas day of the year — in May and December, and Kassian — one every four years — on February 29. It is understood that Kasyanov this state of affairs did not like and with the same time in its year he does all sorts of nasty things to the common people, and at the same time — and all of humanity.

But that's not all. Next year, we expect you four eclipses — 19.04, 4.05, 14.10 and 28.10, which is usually fatal impact on the fate of the inhabitants of our land. However, not all — some are lucky, and for them the eclipse will pass unnoticed. But, it is better to be prepared for anything. Well, the rest is so — on the little things all sorts of troubles and woes, which are usually full of every year, as well as many surprises and joys.

Despite the "rosy" outlook, to be angry for the next leap year wood monkey in advance is not necessary, and it is better to meet it with dignity and not just to appease our monkey, but the old man Kasian and other patrons in 2004. So, as the hostess of the year — tropical animal and element of this year — the tree, the house should be more trees. The optimal gift from relatives, friends, and myself will be a small "Bansal" — a miniature Japanese tree. Well, or, in extreme cases, any potted plant. The colors of the next year are considered green and brown — just the ones that is inherent in the tree. However, it is worth remembering that the hostess we still monkey who likes bright, flashy colors. So — the more surprises and contrast is not only a home decoration, but also for you, the more you align yourself to a monkey. The main thing — do not overdo it. Strongly recommended black — these sorts of things, and mourning, even in the most beautiful evening dress, primates will not forgive you.

Of the dishes on the table is sure to be the fruits — and more. In this case — the more exotic the better. Why not treat yourself, guests and monkeys in unexpected fruits, which, by the way, you can not just put in a large vase, but hang around the apartment. The meeting of the new year to organize the most original — no peace, tranquility and reflection — a monkey you this peace then the whole year will remember. Of course, to the extent that memorable January 1 do not recall not only the monkey, but the neighbors …

If for some reason you can not be on the night of December 31 to January 1 to meet adequately the new year, do not despair — the time you will have many. Not to mention the traditional Old New Year, which comes to 13 days later, by the way, the Greeks historic new year also celebrated on January 14th — the day of St. Basil, then you can celebrate with the Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Mongolians and the whole of South-East Asia , which Lunar New Year falls on the new moon of the first spring period — from 21 January to the end of February. By the way, the year of the Monkey Woody comes just then. Next spring, you can take a walk with Muslims on Hijra, or Nowruz — the day of the vernal equinox with all the Persians and Central Asians, and join the Indians on March 22. April — Month of the Nepalese New Year, Lao, Sri Lankans and Thais. The latter, though, and since 1940 have fun all the Europeans on January 1, but the New Year is honored their ancestors.

Monkey goes to the Mayan tribes, and some of the African countries in the summer and autumn — in Syria and the neighboring Jews. Ethiopians, Hawaiians, Gambians and Yemenis also trim the tree (or a palm tree or cactus) in the fall, well, the Celts will complete a Christmas tradition in Hellovin. A total of about 21 New Year's may be noted not to mention the Eskimo — for them it comes with the arrival of the first snow. So, from a meeting of the New Year we did not get away. In the meantime, we should start this wonderful tradition in our, native pervoyanvarsky New Year … and then drink all the prejudices of the Soviet glass of champagne! Happy New Year!

Tatiana Shahinian
Academy Authorities


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