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19 January 2004 European vehicle "Mars Express" transmitted to Earth from Mars orbit three-dimensional images of the surface of the Red Planet. After computer processing of three-dimensional images with a resolution of 12 meters per pixel. In the illustration is seen the Grand Canyon, cutting through the plateau in the valley of the Seas. Its width is about 65 kilometers. Earlier, a three-dimensional photographic honored only Venus. However, in the archives of the world's space is much more sensational shots.

Visitors to the site NASA, considering the photos taken by "spiritualists" were surprised to find that scientists have not noticed. On one of the stones can see the number 194. Especially big-eyed enthusiasts spotted even a decimal point — 1.94. They believe that the inscription — a clear sign of the existence of intelligent beings on Mars. Skeptics as usual explained everything to the play of light and shadow and overly imaginative opponents. But the conspiracy theorists think that the Martian epic shoot in Hollywood with a view to increasing the rating of President Bush, and 194 — it's inventory number props. Comedians also suggest: as Arabic numerals, the mysterious stone — is a clear evidence of the presence "of Al-Qaeda" on the planet, and the true purpose of the expedition — the search is not water, and bin Laden.

Incidentally, a similar thing happened in 1970. The astronauts who visited the moon, cruelly played a joke on those who house hangs a poster with a picture of a UFO and the slogan "I want to believe". They scratched at the moonstone letter "C" and handed over photos of the Earth … Among ufologists still there are discussions about the origin of the "mysterious" cobblestone.

In 1979, U.S. scientists, process aids made by "Viking" photos were amazed — with one of the shots they face looked ancient Egyptian sphinx! Its length from chin to crown was 1.5 km, width — 1.3 kilometers, the height from the surface of the desert to the tip of the nose — 0.5 kilometers. Having carefully considered all photos Cydonia region, the researchers found there is also a pyramid (shown right sphinx near the top of the first pyramid — at the edge of the left, the second — in the lower right corner). However, the picture quality "Vikings" left much to be desired, so as soon as there is a hypothesis that ancient Egyptian artifacts on Mars — it's an optical illusion, not the creation of a vanished civilization. Version confirmed. The pictures, taken in 2001, the American station "Mars Global Surveyor", it is clear that the Sphinx — it's just bizarre lit hill.

Mars rovers "Spirit" and "Oppotyuniti" as it is known, should be looking at Gusev Crater and Meridiani plateau traces of rivers and lakes may have existed on the planet. At the time, photographs that are seen canyons, dried-up river bed resembling Martian rivers caused a sensation, as if there was water — it was warm and could be a life! Until now, the origin of the canyon is not clear. The most famous is the canyon in yellow dress with a width of — 2.5 kilometers. Ask why not send research vehicles right there, not in the Gusev crater? The fact that the landing on Mars and the journey — a very difficult task for appliances. Easier to land and ride on a flat surface, rather than on the slopes of the ancient canyons. In addition, the prospect of ditching machine of $ 800 million is hardly pleases anyone in NASA. Well, in a flat as a table Gusev crater, according to planetary scientists, too, could be a lake.

In principle, the water on the planet is now, but only in the form of snow. For example, in the photo taken on "Viking 2" Utopia on the plains in the summer of 1979, the visible surface of the Red Planet, Mars finest powdered snow (0.025 millimeter). Concluding the topic of Martian and lunar photographs, note that researchers often tried to "improve" the image of low resolution by a strong increase (digital zoom) and applying to the resulting picture of their rich imagination. In such cases, the size of your pictures in a couple of pixels after applying multiple filters in a graphics editor turned into a flying saucer and lunar bulldozers.

October 23, 1975 an event occurred much more sensational than the discovery of Martian pyramids together. Soviet automatic station "Venera-9" sat on Venus. Sent messages to the Earth was struck by a surface view of the scientists. It shows four objects, which are now referred to as sinks. The picture shows a small format distinguishable only two of them. All four shells do not resemble the surrounding rocks have the same shape, the same structure of a slit which faces toward the spacecraft, and they are unlike rock fragments lying around not sprinkled with gravel or stones. Other stones of the same shape but without cracks, no. In addition, the Venusian shell reminiscent of great earthly brethren from the family of Cipro. This led biologists to believe that the spacecraft landed next to no conventional paving stones, and with the living beings.

"Venera-9" — one of the automatic researchers Venus, not stranded on the plateau and into the ravine. Perhaps that is why the pictures transmitted by other stations, none of that was found. The climate is milder in the hollow … of course, the Venusian standards. The temperature at the surface is about 480 ° C, the pressure is more than 100 times earth and the air consists mainly of carbon dioxide and toxic impurities such as chloroform and hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide gases. Previously, because of the harsh conditions of the planet Venus was considered futile to search for life, because the protein is substantially similar to the earth can neither arise nor exist in the hellish conditions of the planet. Now scientists do not rule out that life in the universe may occur on the basis of other material — as the chemical (such as you do not protein, and silicon people?) And physical (eg, reasonable clumps of hot plasma that live in the stars).

Another promising object for the search for extraterrestrial life — Europa, a satellite of Jupiter. In an atmosphere containing oxygen of Europe, and its surface is covered with ice, which continues to move across the surface of the ocean, covering the entire planet. Colliding ice floes form a whimsical pattern, like a grid, so that even ufologists believe these patterns pipes and tunnels, paved "European civilization." In the depths of a long-planned project of NASA probe to land on Europe and the search for life under the ice.

One of the latest news from the front search for life in the universe. In late 2003, British astronomers, analyzing photos of Vega — star located at a distance of 25 light years from the Sun — have found that in addition to the dust cloud around the planet rotates in mass and size similar to Earth. Of course, this does not mean that there is life on the planet, but if humans ever fly to the stars, the purpose of travel may just be Vega. However, because of the remoteness of Vega from Earth infrared image of its planetary system leaves much to be desired.

Flights to Venus, Europe, and the stars — in the future, but at this writing, search for life in outer space interrupted. January 22 control center in Pasadena lost contact with the Mars Rover "Spirit". If American scientists will not be able to recover it, it will continue the exploration of Mars rover "Oppotyuniti" landing is planned for January 25, 2004.

Nicholas Dzis-Wojnarowski


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