Skin parasites

Skin parasites.  Photo from

Parasites — creatures living on the nutrients derived from the host. Skin parasites can live both on the skin (head lice), and under the skin (mites).

Lice cause a disease called pediculosis. There are three species of lice that infest in humans: head, pubic and body lice. These insects are easily transmitted from person to person, as well as through infected items — towels, bedding and clothing. The most obvious sign of infestation of lice — itching.

Lice are dangerous not only by themselves, they may transferserious infectious diseases (typhus and relapsing fever).

The most common parasitic disease human skin — scabies. Infected with scabies, you can still keep all the basic rules of personal hygiene. The causative agent is easily transmitted by contact between people, as well as a common goods and personal effects. The characteristic symptom of the disease — severe itching, especially at night pester people who can bring even to a nervous breakdown.

Pediculosis andscabies successfully treated dermatologist. In identifying the scabies requires the most complete disinfection of housing, as well as processing of linen, children's toys and clothes.

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