Sliding French 340 mm guns — M 1881/1884/1893 at Railway

The French artillery early 20th century, uniformly increasing caliber, got over with its own full-time fixed seats on the r / w platform. Many tools have committed such a transition — naval guns, which were replaced by more modern standards. But not only were taken from the ships gun mounts — so French designers of the company «Schneider» intrigued onshore solutions of large caliber. Previously, since the company's engineers have already had successful experience in the installation of gun systems w / e-platform right up to 274mm caliber. Selection of the next caliber 340mm guns standing on the balance of coastal defense was not accidental — guns have become obsolete because of the ballistic characteristics of their own, and could not fight on equal terms with the modern long-range naval guns of the enemy. Another factor is the responsibility of the UK over the French coast, coastal defense during World War II. Thus, since 1916, the 340 mm gun model 1881/ 1884/1893 year are set to r / w platform, which was significantly increment artillery power of France. 340mm caliber gun mounts used to the same massive explosive ordnance that could be successfully used on the front for supported ground forces.

Sliding French 340 mm guns - M 1881/1884/1893 at Railway

340mm cannons M 1881/1884 were actually similar in design solution. Length 28-30 caliber guns with rifled barrel length of about 22 caliber. These guns were fire high-explosive ammunition weighing 432-465 pounds at the greatest distance to 18.5 km. Its weight guns — less than 52 tons, and the weight of the tool with w / e-platform was about 185-190 tons. For firing of guns on the r / w platform required to provide support. Compared to the 274mm caliber guns, increment the number of supports — now they were 7 units. A combat deployment r / w guns remained the same and was less than 35 minutes. Vertical angles guidance — up to 40 degrees, provided with horizontal displacement r / w guns on the decisions of a curved railway tracks.

When installing the 340mm caliber guns M1893 used the same solutions. The gun was mounted on a little modernized carriage, a rich 7 supports. The gun is also charged with coastal defense, although it is still quite a long range weapon. M1893 had a barrel length in 36.8 caliber and used a similar high-explosive ammunition. But the range of fire they were not in the example below — so high explosive ammunition weighing 432 pounds tool has sent to a range of nearly 27 km, high-explosive projectile weighing 465 pounds tool has sent to a range of 25.4 kilometers. Vertical angles pointing guns were 3-40 degrees. Horizontal viewing guidance is provided by the movement of r / w guns along curved decisions railway tracks. A fascinating feature of the installation tool on the M1893 w / e platform, final weight of the r / w guns. At greater length of guns and their little enormous weight of 53 tons, the weight of r / w gun was even smaller than that of r / w guns M1881 /1884 and amounted to 183 tons.

But w / e-platform has been developed for the guns of 274mm, 340mm caliber guns taking virtually exhausted its own structural supplies, and for the forthcoming increase in the caliber r / w based on the required brand new railway platform, why in this design was required to make significant changes.

Sliding French 340 mm guns - M 1881/1884/1893 at Railway

The main properties of the 340mm guns:
caliber — 340 mm;
— trunk M 1881 (1884) /1893 — 28-30/36.8 calibers;
— vertical angles pointing to 40 degrees;
— weight M 1881 (1884) / 1893 — 185-190/183 tons;
— ammunition — HE 432/465 kg;
— velocity of the projectile M 1881 (1884) / 1893 — 600/740 m / s;
— firing range M 1881 (1884) / 1893 to 20/27 km.

Sources disk imaging: C3% A8le_1881_gun

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