South Africa in the grip of snow and rain

South Africa at the mercy of rain and snow weather and climate

July 15-16, remained unforgettable for the inhabitants of southern South Africa, because the continent had the great amount of rain, and then snow. Of the affected communities had to evacuate more than 2 meters to thousands of people. Damaged hundreds of cars, which are caught by surprise element on the road.

After snowfall in Frasenburge
Many transport routes between Johannesburg and Cape Town are in disrepair and its use is suspended. Over time, only the largest of them, connecting the north and south of the country, have been cleared of debris and snow began to operate. According to the calculations of meteorologists, the country has fallen more than 100 mm of rain. It is reported that this is not the most abundant precipitation, which will test South Africa. Most affected coastal city of Port Elizabeth.

After the rain and the resulting floods weather surprise in the form of a real winter snow and gale force winds was a real shock. While those who died of sudden low temperatures down to -5 ° C are listed five. It is possible that many more victims. In the difficult situation there are several farms in the Central Karoo, where the frost lost electricity.

The road to Port Elizabeth on a layer of water about 1.5 m
Due to the cold weather canceled the marathon, which is carried out in the framework of the festival oysters.

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