South Africa: The newly born child to develop in the liver?




It is a healthy and happy child, recently born in South Africa, did not develop in the uterus, and in the … liver.

According to reports from South Africa, it is only the fourth in the history of mankind infant survivor of such an unusual pregnancy. And all cases the embryo in the mother's liver were 14.

The girl's name was given Nlala that a Zulu means "Luck".

Her birth was preceded by serious operation, and immediately after the birth of a 2.8-pound baby was connected to a respirator, which eliminated the need for a two drain.

Doctors say that now Nlala and her mother 20-year-old Nsise Chvayita (whose first child was born perfectly normal) feel fine.

"This is something amazing — said in an interview with the South African newspaper Professor Jack Krige, liver specialist, who participated in the operation to birth Nlaly. — This is not a child, but simply a miracle."


Usually fertilized egg descends from the fallopian tube into the uterus, where the fetus begins to develop. Sometimes the embryo begins to form directly in the pipes, it is — a very common phenomenon called "ectopic pregnancy".

In a case of 100 000 — egg falls of the fallopian tubes and turns in the abdominal cavity. And it is in a completely unbelievable set of circumstances — such as in the case of Nlaloy — embryo engages the liver, a powerful source of blood supply.

Developing such a way, the fruit is protected as is within the placenta. But in this case, it is completely absent more serious protection — the wall of the uterus, and maternal abdomen is a great danger for him.

As a result, in most cases, these pregnancies end in the first week.


In this case, the doctors found the child in the liver only a few days before his birth. Strange thing, thought the doctor: a woman about to give birth, and the uterus is empty.

"We realized that the ectopic pregnancy — says in an interview with the" Cape Argus "Dr. Bruce Howard. — But we did not know that the fetus in the liver as long as the operation started."

Doctors found a small "window" in the liver, through which and managed to remove the child. They had to leave the placenta inside, otherwise threatened the mother's life could be. Experts believe that sooner or later the placenta itself is "dissolved" in the body of a young woman.

Battery News, 14.02.2004 9:10

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