Spy from the future




'In the summer of 1980 Moscow Olympic Games were held, and apparently in connection with the event on the shelves of Soviet stores even in our province there are some Western goods. Including cigarettes. One day my father came home extremely excited. He went into the kitchen and silently put on the table a bottle of vodka and a pack of cigarettes 'Newport'. This surprised me, because father never smoked and hardly drank alcohol. Then he took out a clean glass and poured it to the brim and drank. I was scared for his father, because I realized that something had happened to him. When I demanded an explanation from him, he told me an incredible story.

In 1946, my father, then a young and unmarried lieutenant, he served in the district department of internal affairs in the city Sobinka Vladimir region.

One day, a police patrol was taken to the strange appearance of a citizen in torn clothes in tatters and with a broken head. A citizen was a state of near shock, saying he almost could not, and only in horror looked around.

When he was searched, and then all that was found in his pockets, hit the desk to his father. There was a foreign-made pen, lighter in 'ferroplastovom body', a box of foreign brand cigarettes 'Newport', but most importantly — on the territory of the USSR invalid identification in Russian and English languages.

The father picked up this ID and excitement barely remained sitting on the chair.

There, according to his father, then the next. 'Zone of responsibility of the joint command of NATO. Murmansk. Norwegian zone of occupation. ID card. Last name, first name, middle name of the detainee. Date of Birth: March 1, 1972. Place of birth: Murmansk, Russia.

Issued May 17, 2004 civil commandant of Murmansk. Indeed on July 17, 2005 '..

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