Strong earthquake expected in New Zealand

Strong earthquake expected in New Zealand Danger Zone

Crack, stretching from Marlborough to Milford Sound, on the western ridge of the Southern Alps, potyazhennostyu 800 km, every 330 years is the cause of earthquakes in 8 points, the researchers found GNC and the University of Nevada-Reno.

The study leaves and seeds found in the river terrace in the creek near Lake Hokuri Makkerrou in northwestern Southland, north of Milford Saynd showed that in the interval from 6000 BC on these days was 24 earthquake, which was the cause of the Alpine crack.
This happened in 1717, means the following will happen in about 30 — 40 years.
According to Professor Richard Norris, of the Geological Department of the University of Otago, the largest number of earthquakes in New Zealand is because of the Alpine fissures.
In the area of special risk is Westland. The earthquake that irreparable harm will be caused to the transport routes.
Crack crossed the main road of the West Coast in a few places, and according to experts, will soon be offset by 8 mm, and the road will be completely destroyed.
As a result of high intensity in the eastern part, in Queenstown, Te Anau, Wanaka and Em Tee Cook sad consequences are inevitable.
Further east, in cities such as Christchurch and Dunedin tremors will weaken as a result of the building may suffer from poor design.
Also feel the earthquake residents of Nelson, Wellington and Invercargill. Project manager at GNC Kelvin Berryman said that the coming earthquake does not come as a surprise. Quite possibly, it will happen in 100 years, that is, if not in our time, in the days of our children or grandchildren.
Therefore, the data published in the journal Science, are of international importance, says Berryman.
Lecturer in biostatiki Okledskom University Thomas Lumley noted that the intervals between earthquakes on the Alpine fissure had average intervals with a relatively small spread.

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