Submachine gun for retro-holder. OC-39

The last two years, the 10-ka in the history of Russian small arms can rightly be called the second era submachine guns (the first was in Lofty Russian war). Thus in this second era was created more models of automatic gun pistol under cartridge, than the first.

A typical connecting link between the two "eras" is gun-OC-39 machine gun, developed in Tula TsKIB COO. Work on a new instrument began in 1998. What did it from the "first era"? Cartridge. The fact is that while in army warehouses still kept a large number of bullets 7,62 x25 TT has applied to SCB-41, PPS-43, TT and other Russian weapons since Interbelluma the mighty Russian. In the middle of the 90 Russian Interior Ministry, taking into account the current crime situation, intensely studying issues of special forces weapons. They needed to automatically tool, and the existing AKS-74U were in some degree are not safe for introduction in the city because of the high propensity criteria bullet cartridge 5,45 x39 mm to bounce messages. And then remembered the good old times 7,62 x25 TT. It is not only remembered, but sometimes even begun to offer again adopt it in conjunction with any sub-machine gun of WWII: for the military implementation, they have become obsolete, but for the police, as it seemed to still fit. You can not say that such actions would be the point: the bullet cartridge TT has the lowest stopping power than the PM or "Luger", though retains sufficient energy to even the huge distances.

Well, PCA, or PPD, with all its pluses, not suited for use in modern conditions. For this reason, in the Tula TsKIB COO in 1998 in an active manner the beginning of the creation of a sub-machine gun OC-39 chambered for the TT. The works were managed by the designer VV Zhlobin. It was assumed that the new sub-machine gun interested in Special Forces and Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of Defense. In addition, the designers have suggested the use OC-39 and as an educational tool. In the latter case, the novice hands not only trained to handle the weapon, and properly expended accumulated in the warehouses of ammunition 7,62 x25 mm TT.

Outside OC-39 came out the most mundane representative of a class of its own: forged steel receiver, plastic pistol grip and fore-end, and receiver store, located exactly in front of the trigger guard. Automation also stands out from other Russian submachine guns and based on the open gate. Handle loading displayed on the left side of the gun and folded up. The trigger mechanism is made by Kurkova scheme that, according to the manufacturer, markedly improves the accuracy single. Apart from the single trigger mode allows you to fire bursts. Selection is made using the three-position safety lock flags and translator lights placed on either side of the receiver above the handle fire control, just below the thumb arrow. Vpribavok to trigger a large assembly accuracy is provided by a special muzzle. In-1's, it has a relatively huge mass, and in-2, the release of the powder gases occurs in both sides of the sideways and upward, which ultimately reduces the toss barrel during firing.

Feed system implements made from detachable box "horn" on the 20, 30 or 40 rounds, arranged in two rows. Need to see, usually double row stores for pistol cartridges are made direct box-shaped, but Tula engineers concluded that a sector-shop in some situations is more reliable. About the same at the time decided by the company Heckler-Koch in the development of MP5.

Special tricks in terms of "underweight" Tula designers did not foresee. OC-39 has a regular iron butt, folding to the right (in this case, shoulder rest can be used as a "tactical" handle). The sighting device with a submachine gun consist of an adjustable front sight, closed namushnike and dioptrical sight adjustable for 100 and 200 meters.

When the first of the 2000s debate about returning to the cartridge 7,62h25 mm were evenly subside, Zhlobin with staff finalized the OC-39 cartridge for use 9×19 "Luger", which had to enormous prospects. To do this, change the design of the store, redesigned shutter and made some other improvements. In general, the construction and principles of operation remain the same. Modification of a 9-mm cartridge has received the title of OC-39P.

Disk imaging test results' OC-39 and feedback from potential users really is not enough. But those crumbs that are available, the fact that this gun-gun so far not accepted for service, allow state that OC-39 is destined to remain another purely exhibition prototype. In addition, we have created in the country a lot of other, more successful submachine guns.

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