Submachine gun PP-90M1

Submachine gun PP-90M1 — brainchild of Tula gunsmiths, which was published in the early 90-ies of XX century. Tula Instrument Design Bureau has received this lucrative, at first glance, an order from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, who delivered a similar puzzle designers to the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. The requirement was one — to make the Russian pull-out gun — machine gun similar to the South American PP FMG (abbreviation for the British language, translated as "folding submachine gun"), which dealt with the release of the company "Ares". Udmurtskie gunsmiths for some reason, refused to carry out the order, in our opinion, did not want to create a competitive benchmark their own product — PP-19 "Bison". It is fair to see that the products are masters of Izhevsk has the highest rate of fire, provide an overwhelming density of the fire contact with short-term combat operations at small distances. Incomparable plus izhevskoy models — large capacity clips. A Tula released initially PP-90, and soon upgraded PP -90 M (M1), which not only armed operatives Ministry of Internal Affairs. So regular tool provided with the appropriate units SEI (formerly the KGB of the USSR 9) and the Russian Federal Security Service. In comparison with the product "Bison" Izhevsk masters of small guns, "Tula" PP-90M1 has a unique design that involves a lengthy application of plastic products, also enables the use of conventional, Outlet shopping options box-type devices with the introduction of a staff that is at once and fore-end of this article.

A device with a submachine gun PP-90M1

Submachine gun PP-90M1 is to apply destructive attacks against the enemy at short distances and is nestled tool wear, placed in a special pencil-case-holster.

Automatic action items based on the use of energy revertible free gate type, the production shot barrel channel is not closed. In the firing position from marching into the firing position is for 3-4 seconds at the expense of uncovering the canister in which the two leading unit — a box of the barrel and firing mechanism are disclosed and are connected together. Immediately to bringing these units into position for firing takes place and the handle with a submachine gun with the trigger and the clip. For a shot just have to rearrange the fuse box and cock the shutter. If the PP-90 is single fire cartridges, the PP-90M1 is an additional fire in automatic mode. Submachine gun PP-90M1 so successfully arranged and centered, that tipping point in the conduct of fire is minimized. Mechanical rear sight and front sight are made in folding version, the sight of the ready position for firing into a fighting stance is set by manual.

The performance data of PP-90M1

Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge 9x18mm / 9x19mm
Product Dimensions folded 270h90h32 mm
Product length when ready to fire (unfolded) — 485 mm
Barrel length 200 mm
Tall with collar 265 mm
Weight 1.83 kg without ammunition
Weight holder 0.425 kg
Muzzle energy of 330 J
The initial velocity — 320 m / s
Rate of 600-800 V / m
Capacity clips — 30 rounds
Range of shooting (sighting) -100 m
Supply PP-90M1 products to consumers is included in the following: specific product, two clips with a capacity of 30 rounds, a bag to carry items, tech documentation and rubbing. Be placed on the product adaptations for silent deployment and flame arrester. In the stowed position PP-90M1 is "RAM" — the introduction of options nestled carrying guns.

The introduction of sub-machine gun PP-90M1

This product is designed to use Russian 9mm rounds 7N21 and 7N31 (9x19mm PBP) high power armor piercing bullets. It may also be the use of standard 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges or NATO.Tak 9mm, bullet 7N31 "sews" sheet of steel of 10 mm at a distance of 10 m feature of this product is unusual, causing a lot of controversy, the method of charging the gate when you push in the form of utaplivatelya , which located on the muzzle of the receiver. This could be explained in assembling products for the shelter carrying guns and instant ready position for the shooting, but the speaker on the right side lever safety gear and other features do not give rise to such conclusions.

Test results show that the spread of shots is in the real ellipse of dispersion. This means that a small queue of 4-5 rounds remain in the circle with a diameter of 10 cm accuracy

As noted dependence of defect products from the effects of a dirty environment, causing misfires and failures are likely to be fired. Also big disadvantage is the time to bring guns to combat readiness.

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