Supersluh for pilots, the new system creates a 3D-sound through headphones pilot

Supersluh for pilots, the new system creates a 3D-sound through headphones pilot
South American aerospace company Raytheon has developed the latest 3D Audio system for military pilots who warn them about the type of hazard and clear its finding. The system makes directional sound which occurs at the place where the danger comes.

One of the problems of military pilots is that the sound in the headphones do not have a pronounced orientation. If the pilot heard a few radio reports from various sources connected together and the sound is distorted.

3D Audio helps pilots to distinguish between several radio channels at once. This is similar to the way a person is talking to several people at the party. Because participants are talking in different places, it is easier to understand who says what, even if the voices sound right.

Raytheon system understands when the pilot turns his head, and the sound in the headphones «moves» in accordance with his movement. In addition, the pilot can configure the system so that the voice sounded a certain person in a certain place. For example, the voice sounded copilot on the right side, the voice of the passenger — the back and an air traffic controller — ahead.

Another important function of the system — it audiopreduprezhdenie of external dangers. Almost pilot will hear what is happening in kilometers behind the aircraft, with which particular side and therefore be able to react faster, for example, to attack the enemy.

Modern technology alert pilots of threats requires that they first looked at the picture on the screen before making the next act. With 3D Audio in addition to that pilots receive geospatial designation threats that will help them navigate and respond faster.

Views on partner venture fund T34Moscow Misha Demidova, 3D Audio able to operate only as a working model, as the pilot fails one hundred percent focus only on hearsay.

«Hearing as one of the organs of emotion was not actually enveloped by any similar invention. But I think that this development is not quite know how, but simply rework dynamics. When the pilot is in the sky and listening to what they say to him from the ground, it is difficult to do so, so there was no cacophony that may be observed when using the 3D-sound. Because, in my opinion, such a system — excess «- added Mr. Demidov.

«This system can assist military pilots to reduce response time, for example, the critical message of impending danger from the sound source. But the main difficulty lies in the accurate implementation of the system, because apart from the constant monitoring of the pilot’s head position and the proper operation of audio speakers should also be certain to determine the position of the real sound source / hazard, because the unlikely event the system can simply disorient the pilot «- the employee Spectroscopy Laboratory nanomaterials General Physics Institute. AM Academy of Sciences Alexander Chernov.

Ira Yuzbekova

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