Agency property collateral Army (FMV) of Sweden has concluded with an additional contract by Saab to develop fighter JAS 39 Gripen last generation that will get the index for single version E and F for a double. As reported by Defense Aerospace, the deal amounted to 10.7 billion kronor (1.64 billion dollars). Under the agreement, development step Gripen E (the common title of the next generation JAS 39) will take nine years — from 2015 till 2023.
Included in the new treaty revision and debugging of new aircraft, as adaptation to the Gripen E just test and test equipment, simulators and hangars. The new treaty would complement the agreement signed on February 15, 2013. Contract basis, calculated on the years 2013-2026, involves the development and creation of new aircraft for Sweden, also contains an option to create Gripen E / F for Switzerland. Amount of the agreement if all options could reach 47.2 billion kronor.
Under the agreement to develop the fighter Saab has already received 13.2 billion kroons. According to the company, as part of development programs from Gripen E in 2013-2014 can be signed several additional agreements. In total, the Swedish Ministry of Defence wants to buy 60 new fighters, which will add to the existing park JAS 39 Gripen C / D. Switzerland is considering buying 22 new Swedish aircraft totaling 1.82 billion euros (2.43 billion dollars).
Fighter Gripen E / F will be profound modernization of Gripen C / D. In these aircraft you plan to use some elaboration, primennenye project Gripen NG, is being developed for the Indian tender MMRCA, a number of foreign customers and increase the attractiveness of the fighter on the outside market. The new planes are expected to receive the modified powerplants Volvo Aero, a radar with active phased array antenna, fuel tanks increased volume also improved avionics. Warload aircraft also increase.

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