Swimming Peter Lofty: Russian fleet returned to the waters of the Arctic

Russian explorers resumed its presence in the Arctic. After a long hiatus military exercises in the Barents Sea, the crew conducts nuclear cruiser "Peter the Stately. "Workouts last for a day. Marines and airmen work out joint actions.

Somewhere deep in the leaden fog in the Barents Sea heavy atomic cruiser "Peter Stately"Actually lowers to zero speed. Crew of the ship is built on the helicopter deck. Line up to give a tribute to the Mariners, who died here during the Russian majestically in peacetime. Last accident that occurred in these waters — the death of the nuclear submarine Kursk. In utter silence wreath is launched. Battle ship gives a farewell tone. "Naval tradition will remain forever — says Arkady Mogilevets, deputy commander for work with personnel. — For us it is important to remember those comrades who are no longer with us."

"Peter Lofty" again falls on track and gaining momentum. Atomic Cruiser continues to own campaign, every day or climbing higher latitudes in the Arctic Ocean. Behind — more than a thousand nautical miles of the journey. All the while diving accompanied sharply variable weather, pitching, a strong wind. And yet the work of the crew on this ship is on the tremendous true to the established plan.

The alarm in a matter of Minutka is on alert and raised into the air deck-based aircraft, helicopters, K-27. This is their first take-off from the deck of the cruiser here in the Arctic. "In these latitudes, deck-based aircraft did not fly very long. We met a lot of new things — says Andrew Wroblewski, commander Aviation Group. — It is necessary to control the helicopter right, right to know that you're doing, that is not dangerous to drop the car. "Take-offs and landings take place for hours. During this time the Marines fulfills fire cover seat helicopter. Loading troops and immediate takeoff. Again and again reach the commanders of subordinate full automaticity of action. teachings of various departments held almost every day. "waste air defense exercises, anti-submarine defense, on the application of tools, use of tehsredstv" — says Vladislav Malahovskiy, commander of the "Peter stateliness."

And yet, at this harsh cruiser is fully peaceful place and even homemade things. Here, for example, a large cleaning the ship. So much so, that all the copper or brass parts almost sparkled. Or the case of a midshipman Andrei Prokhorov. When he was in the sea, the shore was reported that he had a daughter. Congratulated and gave gifts to all the crew. After the gala dinner Andrew remembers most wanted to take his wife out of the hospital, the first to pick up her daughter. But the service is service. "Nothing terrible. On the beach I still have my mother, my friends, — says Andrew. — And my days are still to be run faster, approaching a time when I would see his beloved wife and child."

Hiking in the Arctic nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Peter The stately "- is the actual return of Russian navy in the strategic principle for the RF area. And, according to sea doctrine, military vessels under the flag of St. Andrew will now be there constantly.

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