T129A — new attack helicopters, Turkey wants to put Pakistan

T129A - new attack helicopters, Turkey wants to put Pakistan
The Government of Turkey has offered Pakistan new attack helicopters T129, made on the basis of Italian A129 Mangusta, reports Defense News.
With all this Turkish producers expect to deploy in Pakistan creating such helicopters, which offered to change outdated Pakistani AH-1F Modernized Cobra. But Turkey’s plans to supply helicopters can spoil opposition from the United States.
Middle of September 2013 during the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Turkey he was offered Free Shipping 3-T129 helicopters and more than 2300 different kinds of spare parts and consumables to aeronautical engineering.
In 2009, Turkey on a similar scheme to sell Pakistan MKEK Panther howitzer 155 mm. Now they are running now Pakistani Heavy Industries Taxila under license.
Turkish authorities believe that they have a chance to realize the huge number T129 attack helicopters to Pakistan, despite the unavailability of such a shock version of the machine. Currently, T129 exists in 2-versions — T129A and T129B.
First used for flight testing, and second, the development of which is not yet completed, will have impact, the best attack helicopter project requirements based on A129. Meanwhile, as noted by Defense News, Turkish helicopters development engines installed LHTEC CTS800-4N South American production.
Drum machines for export to other countries, Turkey will have to get permission USA. According to a former military attache in Turkey Australia Brian Klafli, whitewashed house is likely to re-export permit helicopter power plants will not.
One circumstances of this lies in the fact that the United States themselves are to realize Pakistan’s own attack helicopters AH-1Z Viper. In addition, the United States often list financial assistance to Pakistan, which he can spend on the military. In the 2013-2014 fiscal year, the size of the military aid of 300 million dollars. These funds Pakistan, namely, may had spent for the purchase of AH-1Z.
South American proposal may represent a greater enthusiasm for Pakistan. In 1-x, the Pakistani pilots have trained management family of helicopters AH-1 and retraining the type AH-1Z will claim not a lot of time and money investments. In-2, the Ministry of Defence, Pakistan lacks the Military Budget. In this case, the South American financial assistance is a good opportunity to renew the fleet of attack helicopters.
Yet, exactly say whose offer perceive Pakistan, unreal. According Klafli, Pakistani authorities at the present time are opposed to concluding agreements with the United States. In addition, in the long term unprofitable South American helicopters to Pakistan, as the expenses for their technical service and maintenance costs exceed several attack helicopters manufactured in Turkey.

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