Terrorists kill UN counts

Terrorists kill UN counts

Unbroken Syria met new 2013 cooking her new tests. New Year’s Eve, even many of those who are already accustomed to the coming of darkness on the street do not go — not passed prazdnichka. Naturally, it is celebrated in Syria not because of — a different culture. But many Christians in the country, well, Muslims do not remain on the sidelines. Accomplished demonstration in Umayyad Square, near the monument of the Bronze soldier who gives honor. People were holding Syrian national flags. They all believe in the fact that next year will turn to the final victory over Syria gangs of hired terrorists.

Exactly at midnight there was a shooting, but not that terrible, which is usually put off — it’s fighters and volunteers guarding the city, fired up to welcome the coming year. Such fireworks accompanied satisfied clicks people.

So Damascus met the New Year. And a day or two in the capital, there was an accident.
In Masaka district Barz people queued for fuel oil. Among them was a lot of ladies with children. It was already evening. And there was an explosion. Terrorists blew up a car bomb again. 12 people were killed and about 40 injured. It was creepy. On video from a terrorist attack — the charred bodies of those who pinned his hopes to return home, having received the coveted fuel cool and warm NIGHT MODE.

Had a similar explosion in any other town of the world — there would fly telegrams compassion. But virtually no one on the world stage will not hear explosions in Damascus, the groans of the dying, ambulance sirens …

But many international organizations, which by the nature of their own activities must be impartial, tend to know what is to blame only one side — the Syrian administration. UN commission headed by Navi Pillay, issued a very versatile and untruthful report on the situation in Syria.
The main thing is that the media have spread about this report — is that the death toll in Syria reached the 60 thousand people. But not so long ago had read about 30 tyschah! These same so called opposition contain the number of 40 thousand. Why suddenly was named as a big number? Do not order to blacken view Syria before a public views?

How many dead in fact — for the moment impossible to calculate. The question here is different. At whose hands people die? Then Navi Pillay showed a bias Straseni that it became clear — the report commissioned from the beginning to the end.

For example, the report stressed as if the armed conflict in Syria began in November 2011. This version contains a «democratizers» as if Syria were initially peaceful demonstration and so called opposition did not take guns in hand, and only later, they say, when demonstrators want reforms have not received, they took up arms. Like, the other at the exit they were not.

The truth is that people began to die at the hands of the so-called opposition from the very first days of riots. Snipers killed as a fighter, and demonstrators in order to foment conflict as can feasibly.

And for those who stubbornly believes as if the opposition took up arms in the autumn of 2011, it would be terrible to recall an incident that occurred in the town of Jisr al-Shughour first June 2011.

Terrorists attacked a police unit and 120 law enforcement officers were under siege. Terrorists were about a thousand. Unequal confrontation lasted a day or three, but the guys had no chance to stand against such number of experienced design Islamists. The upshot was a terrible and tragic. None of the law enforcement officers did not survive. They were young guys, many of the province of Latakia. Their bodies either burned or cut into pieces and thrown in the trash.

I, being in Latakia, staring into the eyes of the ladies whose sons were there, in Jisr al-Shugurov. Beheld orphaned children …

Mom 1st of the victims said that the most annoying — is that the bandits so savagely defiled body defending the motherland. The lady was dressed in black, but she sobbed. «I still have six sons. And, if need be, they are all ready to die for the homeland, and I am ready to accept it, since death for the Motherland — the glory and immortality care «- so said my mother hero.

Family another guy who died in the same place — with davneshnimi heroic traditions, its men were killed during the war with Israel.

On the wall hangs a photo with members of the family of President Bashar al-Assad, who visited their house and killed his wife handed merit. One of the daughters of the fallen defender — an excellent student, and had to meet with the president specifically as one of the best students of the country. But it turned out that she met with him, as the daughter of the hero-martyr for the Motherland …

But Navi Pillay and others like it does not exist these fallen. After all, according to the official version of the West, while the demonstrators were still innocent lambs, only bleat about reforms, and no one have not yet destroyed.

July 13 A terrible accident occurred in the town of Naha. There gunmen attacked a police station. His smashed and burned. 20 employees were killed and their mutilated bodies thrown off a bridge into a river …

That international organizations are not aware of these victims? They all know! In those days when Nahal was under the control of armed terrorists, there came salting U.S. and fraternized with murderers. But when the inhabitants of the town are tired of terror and lawlessness perpetrated by the «opposition», they begged the army to restore order. That still regard the army, she was preparing an operation so as to avoid casualties in the midst of the civilian population. And when, in the end, the city was liberated from the bandits — as the world’s media hysteria, repeating that «evil regime,» he says, almost wiped the city to the ground (in fact, the army operation was carried out with the greatest accuracy ).

So what killed the western Commission believes, if the emphasis is not willing to build people killed by bandits? If you do not want to know what the «opposition» is not such a «white and fluffy» as it is trying to declare? If you own report of 60 thousand people, which it has calculated, exposes the «victims of the regime?» Whether the report is not aimed at making again play on the emotions of the western tradesman and justify their views before a public anti-Syrian act?

Meanwhile, in Morocco, in the town Marakkesh — the thing where in December sat so called «Friends of Syria» and straining throat honor «accursed regime» in Syria, accusing him of dictatorship — the demonstration was dispersed, whose members protested against price increases. 10s people were injured and arrested. But no dictatorial government of Morocco did not call, and no exciting demands of the people of this country. «Friends» are concerned, seems to be even harder to tarnish Syria …

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