The computer can see our dream?



In the new study, researchers found that a computer can have a dream man, based on his brain activity.

The scientists measured the activity of the human brain during sleep and were able to track the specific scheme for objects — for example, keys or bed. "We know almost nothing about dreams, — said one of the researchers, a neuroscientist Masako Tamaki. — Using this method, we may be able to learn more about the nature of sleep. "
In addition, the study will help scientists determine what happens in the human brain during nightmares.

In fact, scientists still do not know why people have dreams. The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud believed that dreams reflect our desires, while others believe that dreams — it's just a meaningless product of sleep. Another interesting theory suggests that during sleep we solve the problems and questions that thought for the day. Be that as it may, most people think that dreams really do matter.

Scientists have long wanted to look inside the world of dreams. Not so long ago, some researchers have suggested that brain activity can be taught to see the thoughts and dream. And really — based on brain signals scientists managed to create short videos. So why do not read dreams?

Tamaki and his colleagues monitored the brain activity of three participants in the experiment using functional magnetic resonance imaging while they sleep. The researchers woke participants every few minutes so that they described their dreams. A total of 200 scientists collected visual images.

The researchers then tried to link the content of dreams participants before waking up with some diagrams of brain activity, and the computer has studied these patterns.
Using a special computer program analyzed the dreams of the participants of the experiment. The result has been to associate certain events sleeping man with his brain activity during waking.

The study showed that during waking activated the same brain areas, as well as during the corresponding sleep.

"Objects of sleep have a lot in common, so by taking the content of normal sleep, we were able to make a plot of a dream, which could see other people", — explained Tamaki.

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