The coup in Russia began with Libya

Revolution in Russia began with Libya
What Our homeland is different from Libya?

The fact that we do not have to bombard.

There is virtually certain to resist. On the contrary, the elite, sending kids to study in London, are looking forward to.

So the "Dawn of Russia» («Russia Dawn») will claim at least the victims.

Moreover, military intervention may not be necessary in general. After all, its purpose — the initiation of the coup. Our homeland but at the moment is not just pregnant coup: he goes to her at full speed and with a bang.

After a month or two (or maybe earlier) we will see him open phase.

Sergei Prikhodko will throw in zabugornye media phrase from "a source in the Kremlin," type "for the civilized countries of the tandem just turned into a living political corpse".

The TV channel "Russia" will launch non-stop coverage of the Arc or Manezh Square about "fearless people taking to the streets against the bloody despot, dictator, despot."

Chubais has died down would start to explain that communism was to eliminate a thousand times easier than it is now etching the remnants of patriarchal patriotism.

The main thing is that there is nothing new to teach and learn: quite easy to "the Word" via the "replace" instead of automatically inserting the words "Gaddafi", the word "Putin" (or "tandem", as appropriate).

For a quarter century, held a full-scale restructuring "irakizatsiya" elites, when instead of the semi-mythical fifth column of General Franco in the main posts are already placed the right people.

Follow the instructions Anatoly Borisovich Chubais at the Congress of the Union of Right Forces in December 2001. Chubais said that the main issue "in Russian society" in the coming years is the question of "the place of in the world," and that for this party should be fully defined as a post, telegraph, bridges, puzzles: "I must admit that now our party in this area it is still very weak. We strongly enough in the foreign policy elite, we do not actually have in the defense and military elite, we are generally not in the intelligence community, we is not in the areas that are the basis for the formation of future policy in the world and determine its place in the world. I am convinced that this should be a major breakthrough in the activities of the "Union of Right Forces" in the coming years.

I repeat again, that does not mean there's nothing left to do in the economy, it does not mean that there is nothing left to do in education. Naturally, all this is significant, but in these areas, I believe we are moving in the right direction and then we will move right. I say at this point about where a specific need, fundamentally break … No one, except us, is not able to really form a new elite, really form a mental capacity to really develop principles, framework and strategy for the whole of Russia's policy this area for the coming 7 years!

Maybe now it sounds amazing. But, believe me, if we are really talking about strategy, it is necessary to fundamentally expand into this area. Expand, not giving an inch positions permanently conquered us in the economic sphere, in business, in industry, in the area of domestic policy. Structurally, the move to defense, intelligence, the military sphere, in the sphere of foreign policy — where will be determined by the person RF in the subsequent 5-7-year period. "

Sorry for the longish quote, but I'm sure it's worth it.

And now that it has come to pass radical progress "in the defense, intelligence, the military sphere, in the sphere of foreign policy," instead of the famous "Above all Spain — bright sky" signal to a revolution can act completely innocent publications like the current notes in "Kommersant" " Russian oppression of his Libya ", which confirms the go-ahead to the coup and are given regular install grassroots cells.

Keynote, "message": appeasement of the Franco-Anglo-American aggressors through RF shameful abstention from voting in the UN Security Council on Wednesday — a big win and brings happiness of.

Namely, according to the "carrot", "Do not prevent the overthrow of the dictator became, Our homeland entitled to the gratitude of the government, which came to power in Libya after Gaddafi's Fall … In Moscow entirely suitable option can count, because even in post-war Iraq Russian companies still have a few oil fields. "

However, here is the background takes the phrase "multi-billion dollar contracts that the state company" Rosoboronexport "," Gazprom "and" Russian Railways "signed with Tripoli under Colonel." But do these little things can outweigh gratitude to the Russian Federation by the new government in the case of a "best-case scenario" in the form of "several oil fields?"

"Victory, victory!" — Provides further installation in the style of a board Kashpirovsky independent respectable "Kommersant": "In general, the strategy chosen by Moscow allows it to learn from the situation around Libya dividends."

And then enumerates a list of these funky dividends (other than the above votes): "Some positive results are already visible. First, the Libyan crisis has permitted Moscow not only does not spoil, and to strengthen business with the West. A means an operation to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi will not affect the "reset" of relations with the U.S. and will not break began to improve under President Medvedev partnership with the EU and NATO. "

But the Russian people buy these to put it mildly, unclear dividends hard. And is not that important task TURNING agitprop. Tales of dividends — for fools. The main thing — is to assure the Russian people that what is happening in Libya only for Libya, but not of, which is cleverly "left out" in this "foreign war."

Therefore, referring to the unprecedented resignation of the Russian Federation Ambassador to Tripoli Vladimir Cham, a notation of "Kommersant" makes reference to certain "perturbed source familiar with the motives of the adoption of this personnel decision" represents, of course, the same Prikhodko: "Instead of a conflict situation to protect the interests of their country, which is there for him and sent it, salting passed the interests of another country — Libya. "

Through fashionable in recent years, the category of public enthusiasm here in the shape of the brain to the reader the main point: they say, is the national interest, and the world whole and the position of the Russian Federation in general insignificant.

But the essence of what is happening — just the opposite: the situation in Libya As for Gaddafi and not even Libya, and the very principle of world order, a world order where after Libya turn smoothly runs across to us and besides Iran.

However, impatient revolutionaries blurts, as, for example, yesterday one "writer" in the "Learn", "Finally started to bombard Libya. It has long time. I hope to one day reach the hands and to the Russian Federation, fell down into the nasty obscuration, a shameful gnoische. Modes colonels did not differ among themselves enough: heresy, violence, poverty and human material disappointingly low quality. "

Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya … Next — Our homeland.

The main objective of the military operations against Libya — produce exemplary demonstration of the absolute advantages and give a lesson to those who stand in the queue or can get there tomorrow. As in the war against Iraq eight years ago, the most fundamental — a theater where plays out for the umpteenth time, the same piece: "Do not obey the will — prescribe" Tomahawk ". This is the only political objective of the military operation against Gaddafi.

In practice, once again implemented the principle of voluntary liberal imperialism (by the way, it is the singer we just Chubais) when several governments issued the native rulers to reign yarlychek or drive in cave age at the most that neither is democratic procedures.

All this is brilliantly described more for Tony Blair Robert Cooper in his book "postmodern government and the World Order» («The post-modern state and the world order»).

Removing parts voluntary nature of imperialism is a 2-things.

In 1-x, a select group of postmodern, and you understand them: it is they currently bombing Libya to help enter into "normal" and "right" country politically structured surface of the Earth.

In-2-x, they are doing is so important for the entire global population of the earth work, withdraw from the excess value added for countries like Libya arrived in favor of the cost burden to the postmodern.

In truth, all behold the like Libyans with fat rage (incidentally, the GDP per capita among them — vtochnosti the same as in Russia!) Because of social and economic need to put them in their place and end this wasteful Jamahiriya and the rest of "socialism . " Earth give birth to Libyan oil is not either Siberian Bedouin, and for those who sweat regulates the globe.

In general, experience is not necessary. Final disposition of the Russian municipal sovereignty — is not an end in itself.

Libya — a nice example for our elites. We will, in turn, is an example for China. This, apparently, is our purpose.

If in Russia the elite still have those last, who does not like to be protoplasm, Yugoslavia and Iraq and Libya, then it was time to sober up and clearly behold the coming future, where they are combined with the state will castrate and delete from the history.

Yes, in front of — war, and we have to confront alone.

Yes, the army and navy (combat-ready, and not from Yudashkin) — our only allies.

Yes, you need to take a number of measures.

First. Perform personnel reorganization of state power.

2nd. Organize a spare control system based on industrial and labor economic model and project the country.

The third. Urgently raise the UN Security Council to halt Libyan massacre and start asking ordinary children's questions.

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