The crisis of 40 years for women


Crisis mid-life women also has its own peculiarities. Changes in life goals and values in women are associated most often with the family cycle and the stages of a career path, not the predictable age-related changes. Thus, woman, which defers the birth of a child up to 40 years, often doing so in order to succeed in a career, and on the contrary, woman, early enough to form a family, and has grown to identify and may have embarked on the feet of children, receives a considerable amount of free time to indulge himself, his self-improvement in personal and professional terms.

However, age-related changes affect women more than men: women are more emotionally responsive to physical aging — so saving the visual appeal and support the physical form is a significant need for women after 40.

Mid-life crises (as, indeed, and other age-related crises) are accompanied by depressive feelings. This can be a decline in interest in all events, apathy, lack of energy. Often there are feelings about worthlessness, helplessness. A special place is occupied by anxiety about their future, which is often masked by concern for the children, or even for the country as a whole. Naturally, the projection of the crisis on their environment leads to attempts to change it environment: Job, country, family. Some of the women in this period is filled with inner emptiness birth to another child.

With a sufficiently high level of reflection, people are trying to understand their condition and understand that it is not in the environment and in themselves.

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