The curse of the treasure of the Argonauts killed a family archaeologist




From a life gone father, sister, mother, and Andrew himself Chamkin who found the treasure

When the treasure found near Sochi, was brought to the Hermitage — experts gasped. This complete collection they did not have. The price of each item around $ 50,000. But few people know "how much" cost the unique find "black archeologists" Chamkin Andrew and his family. Fifteen years Andrew was looking for the treasure of their dreams. Until I found …

Unique finds

"Black" antique market Sochi fever. It surfaced rare beauty antique gizmos of gold and silver at bargain prices. One of the statues offered a local lawyer. Anyone wanting to make sure of its authenticity, the experts came to Sochi Art Museum.

— In any case, do not buy a statuette — advised counsel of the Sochi Art Museum Director Peter Khrisanov. — Judging by the artistic value — is the property of the state.

So six years ago, began one of the most intriguing stories of treasure hunting.

Within a week, the FSB found that the owner is a resident of Treasure Cossack Wade Andrew Chamkin. When the guy explained the full value of finds, he meekly gave his remaining treasures. Sold items workers Sochi Art Museum bought the owners. In 1997, the entire treasure — silver cups and discs, gold plates with embossed — Garment Decoration, Sarmatian swords, a total of 26 subjects V — IV century BC. e. with the possible addition of things later periods — was at the museum.

Family madness

Among the villagers 26-year-old Andrew Chamkin reputed strange guy. At school he studied well, went to vocational school, but still threw for one passion — searching for treasures. Found something on the little things. And he was sure that he would find a great treasure.

— Grave himself this shovel digs — whispering local.

On the ancient treasures that the earth is full of Sochi, go to the bad rumors. You can not touch — a misfortune. But Andrew did not believe in bikes and walked into the woods.

— He chose the right place, — the professor, an expert on the history of the Caucasus Yuri Voronov. — At the mouth of the river Mzimta was a Greek settlement. It is possible that this is the legendary treasure of the Argonauts. And these findings carry a mysterious power …

Researcher Sochi Art Museum Olga Hirsanova time to talk with Andrew right after it opened.

"He did not know what caused him to keep searching for so many years. Laughed it off — continue the family tradition. His grandfather and father were excavated on the site of the former Greek settlement for many years. Perhaps they were hoping to find a second Troy. During excavations Andrew lived in a tent. In the place where he dug clay was hard, like a raging fire here. Andrew pulled out at ground objects that she was hiding a millennium. He brought them home and laid on the floor. "

And then began the events on which remembers with horror Cossack Brod.

Treasure "took" the whole family

— The first blow fell on his father — says his wife's brother Andrew Sofia Pavlovna Chamkin. — Immediately after the discovery of the treasure he suddenly died of lung cancer. Once the family moved away from the impact, as strange things began to happen with the younger sister, "archaeologist."

— After the discovery of the treasure she has changed as a chain fell through — says Aunt Sofia Pavlovna. — Coarse native became. Disappeared for the whole day. Came in the morning on an unfamiliar car. And then she was found in Sochi with his head.

— Andrew himself isolated, — says Olga neighbor. — He already looked like Steppenwolf: tall, dark, heavy look. And as I gave her treasure, and did — do not approach it. Around him, some people began to spin. Urged on to continue digging. Gave money.

But Andrew was not in a hurry to go to the forest. In it something snapped. Received from the "sponsors" of money, he bought a box of vodka. Drunk. Then quietly walked into the barn and … shot himself with a hunting rifle.

Andrei's wife and son and daughter left. How to tell the neighbors, escaped from the curse of the treasure.

Andrei's mother after the death of her husband, son and daughter of two years trying to "fill" the mountain until it was gone after the children. "Burned when he was drunk," — say the neighbors.

At home in the Cossack Chamkin Wade was only the brother of Andrew — Paul. When someone tries to talk about the discovery of the deceased brother, in his eyes there is genuine horror. "He wants to forget everything associated with the cursed treasure," — explains sympathetic villagers.


Olga Semenova, a researcher at the Hermitage:

— This whole collection of the Hermitage was not. These things are priceless. It is likely that the treasure belonged to the Argonauts.

Valentin Morozov, president of the St. Petersburg Historical Society and Survey (www.klad.hobby / ru):

— Psychological dependence of hunters gradually finds there. Enough to find one valuable thing a man can not break away from the search. We have a whole set of hunters will take and beliefs. And they are, surprisingly, are active.

Vasily become, a member of the professional medical association of traditional healers Russia:

— These findings are dangerous to humans. They are connected with the world of the dead. And hunters are pulling for him.

By the way

Now Sochi unique treasure is on the restoration of the Hermitage. For the first time it's going to show on the home makers — in Greece, during the summer Olympics.

Elena IVANENKO. ("KP" — Kuban "). Photo by the author. February 12, 2004

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