The development plan of the defense industry in Turkey: a bluff or increasing military power?

At the end of March 2012, the Department of Defense industry Turkish Defense Minister presented the plan for the largest object of the defense industry for the coming five years (2012-2016).

Thus, according to this document, in the current year the government plans to begin mass creation of army combat rifle Mehmetcik-1, the base of which was taken the German Heckler & Koch HK416. Until 2013, the project is planned to end strike helicopter Atak, 2014 — UAV Anka.

Until the end of 2015 Turkey plans to complete the development of the main battle tank Altay. In 2016, construction will be completed the first destroyer.
The total number of projects submitted by the Department of Defense industry, from 2011, was about 280. The total cost of these projects is estimated at over 27 billion dollars.

The next 5 years, Turkey will work to bring the national defense industry in 10 of the largest in the world. In total, the volume of Turkish military exports for 2016 year, estimates of professionals should be about 8 billion dollars, with 2 billion of them are derived from the aerospace industry.

In addition, the government also plans to produce support for the testing and certification centers that could meet the international standards. One of the main problems of Turkey, according to the plan of development — an activity to establish centers for the testing ground transportation, airport for testing of aircraft testing in a wind tunnel speed, testing centers and systems, missile systems, and centers on the integration and assembly of satellites.

Recall that in the end of last year, the media disk imaging was reported that Turkey began the creation of the state machine guns set up for the Army. At the same time a contract was signed between the company "kalyp Calais" and by the mechanical engineering and chemical industry to develop it. For the realization of this project, the government has allocated more than 25 million pounds. Its foundation was laid in January of this year. It is planned that the design work will last no longer 2015. According to the General Director of the "Organization" Unal Onsipahioglu, in a new machine gun will be reunited together all the best features available in the world analogues. In connection with the beginning of development, meetings were held with representatives of the Arab and Turkic-speaking countries, in which, among others, were discussed questions of possible supply of a machine gun.

According to the creators, the gun will be able to create up to 750 rounds per minute, will be 7.62 mm caliber and range of the impact of fire — one kilometer. As for the life of the machine gun barrel, it will be much longer all known analogues, for all that it permitted its replacement.

Regarding the Altay tanks there is information that Turkey offers Azerbaijan their joint creation. Now the details of the proposal are unknown. It should be noted that the parallel government of Azerbaijan is negotiating with Ukraine over the creation of joint companies established to modernize the obsolete models of armored vehicles. In this case, because there are companies producing BMPT-64, BM "Bulat" and BTR-4.

Recall that at this point in the Azerbaijani army is armed with about 350 tanks T-72, T-55 and T-54 of various modifications. Because the government is considering several options at once to set up joint companies for their modernization.

Tank Altay was created jointly by the Turkish Otokar and South Korea's Hyundai Rotem. For the base was taken tank K-2 Black Panther. The new fighting machines defense establishment in Turkey is planning to change all the old models of tanks, M-48, Leopard, and M-60. According to forecasts, the supply of promising car will begin no earlier than 2016. Tank will weigh about 60 tons and will be equipped with a remotely controlled weapon module, 120-mm smoothbore gun and 12.7-mm machine gun. Infy about what this book will have a tank yet. It is understood that he will be able to reach speeds up to 70 km per hour, and the price of each of them will be nearly 5 and a half million bucks.

In addition, the Navy planned to see Turkey military potential and through purchases of new aircraft carriers. According to the commander of the fleet of Turkey Murat Bilgelya, this project is only in the development stage, yet intense discussions are in the military. The approximate price of the aircraft carrier is estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. This ship can be built in about 5 years. But if it is put into service, the Turkish military authorities will be faced with the problem of purchasing new aircraft, as at the present time the Turkish army is not in a combat vehicle that could take off and land on the deck of the ship. Because for the coming 20 years is also planned purchase of such models and the latest technology.

The commander added that Turkey is planning to get functional frigates, support ships, submarines and unmanned helicopters. Also, the Ministry considered the possibility of purchasing aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing, and unmanned military submarine.

It should be noted that this is not the first attempt to strengthen the Turkish government's military might. Back in 2010, the country began the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles, the first Turkish devices with a range of MALE (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance). In April 2011, the War Department issued a statement on Turkey's purchase of 109 helicopters of U.S. T-70 Blackhawk, manufactured by Sikorsky. The transaction price is estimated to be 3 and a half billion dollars. Moreover, the defense minister also said that the planned delivery of another 600 of the same model helicopters in the coming decade.

In the production of T-70 Blackhawk participates, and the Turkish company TUCAS, dedicated to the creation of separate parts. Helicopter T-70 — a modification of the S-70, which was created specifically for Turkey. The car can reach a speed of about 290 km per hour, and the range is about 2 km tyscham. Helicopter is designed to transport 11 soldiers with uniforms or a full set of up to 4 tons of cargo. It can also be equip several types of Attachment, which is located in the containers, including machine guns, cannons and rockets.

Turkey develops and Missiles. In May 2011, the exhibition IDEF'11 Turkey presented a helicopter missile "Giro", curb laser guided. Moreover, a contract was signed with one of the manufacturers of the helicopter carrying the missiles mounted on their cars.

A similar cluster of military hardware is not the case, given the current situation in the region. So, the President Abdullah Gul said that does not preclude the development of such a situation, when tensions between Iran and the West over Iran's applets grow into armed conflict. The President, the problem of estimating, highlighted that if the conflict is still to be isolated, then with high probability a little bit of it can be argued that Turkey will also be dragged into it. Because the government can not allow ourselves to follow the events from the sidelines. Because the military buildup, coupled with diplomatic activity — it is a necessity.

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