The disappearance of the Amazon forest has slowed

The disappearance of the Amazon forest has slowed Facts

The Brazilian government released information that, compared with the previous year, the level of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon as dropped to 23%. From August 2011 to July 2012 were cut 2,040 km2 of forests. This means that people have managed to save almost 700 km2 of forest for the period.

Logging in almost all states of Brazil in the Amazonian tropics actually declined. The exception was the state of Roraima on the northern borders of the country, where, by contrast, saw an increase in deforestation, was 218% in one year. Leader for the reduction of deforestation became staff Maranao, released on the index by 67%.

According to the Minister of Ecology, these positive results have been achieved through greater control over the implementation of laws to prevent illegal logging, as well as by improving the monitoring system of forest health. Attracting satellite tracking system was problematic because of the weather. By January 2013 the new satellite will be launched, which should be improved algorithm observation.

The process of reducing deforestation Amazonian forests began in 2004, while the growth of the Brazilian economy over 40%. The main causes of deforestation are recognized land clearing for agricultural fields and pastures, logging, infrastructure and communication systems, colonization and relocation.

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