The doctor learned back to life, even the dead three hours ago



British physician Sam Man, specializing in returning the dead to life, insists that the outdated methods of resuscitation lead to waste of lives that could be saved.

Dr. guys are headed ICU Medical Center at Stony Brook University, located in New York City. From the moment he took office, he moved from the UK to the U.S., was saved a lot of patients: the chance to go back from the dead rose from 16% to 30%.

Briton says he does not do miracles and uses relatively cheap and simple methods to restore the vital processes, which annually can save up to 40,000 American lives.

Boys Do not hold your technique a secret — he wrote the book in the hope that it will hear and consider its proposed method of resuscitation, called the Lazarus effect.

"I am convinced that people do not have to die from causes that are reversible. I cautiously say that the victim of a heart attack do not have to die — for a phrase many who have lost loved ones to this disease react badly. But the fact is, that a heart attack can easily handle. If you manage the process of death, I will be able to remove the clot and put a stent (prosthesis introduced into the hollow organ in order to preserve the lumen.) After a heart operation will resume. This technique can be used in diseases of different origin " — says the resuscitator.

Managing the process of death is as follows: physicians rapidly cooled the patient's body to prevent apoptosis (programmed cell death), and then drive off his blood through the device of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), cleaning the internal environment of carbon dioxide and saturating it with oxygen. After the procedure, the purified blood re-infused man.

The use of ECMO in the literal sense can revive people.

"The Japanese girl, which I mention in my book, had been dead for three hours. But after six hours of resuscitation, it is back to life. Roughly the same case happened with soccer player Fabrice Mumamba. At the time of arrival at the hospital, he was dead, but we were able to resuscitate him. And it's not a miracle, but a science "- said the Man.

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