The earthquake off the coast of Australia

The earthquake off the coast of Australia Natural Disasters

Near the south-eastern coast of Australia, there were serious shallow earthquake of 5.2 points. Its epicenter was 10 kilometers south-west of Moui, western Gippslend and 116 km from Melbourne. The depth of the earthquake, which lasted 30-40 seconds, was 9.9 km.

This earthquake was the first in 2012 in the region, and the most powerful in the last 109 years for the State of Victoria. Strong tremors caused by vibrations of the surface, and the characteristic sounds felt residents of Melbourne, as well as communities Bendigo Ballart, Geelong and Shepparton. They could hear the cracked walls, ceilings and floors in homes.
Rescue Service received about 40 calls from people living near the epicenter, pleading for help, but, as was confirmed later, severe damage on land earthquake did not cause. The most dangerous of the damaged natural gas supply line. About the wounded and dead to report.
After the main shock followed by a series of new episodes, the most powerful of which had the force of 3.5 points.

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