The expedition to the underworld




The belief that the Earth is from the inside is empty and, moreover, is populated, the head of the travel company also came up from Provo (Utah pcs) to organize an expedition to the North Pole on a nuclear icebreaker. Infected him with the idea Rodney Cliff, author of "The World sverhsekret: Our Hollow Earth» («World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow»).

Steve Curry for 40 years, has organized more than one perilous journey like rafting or kayaking on the swift mountain streams. However, what is he up to this time, beyond all imaginable limits.

"I can not guarantee that the expedition would find anything, but even in the worst case, people will visit the North Pole and the islands of Siberia" — said Curry. He chartered a nuclear-powered icebreaker, which can carry 108 passengers and a half years later, June 26, 2005, will go look for the entrance to the underworld.

"I get 3-4 calls a day from those who want to join in, — he says. — Passengers will be required to pay for their part in the expedition, from 18,950 to 20,950 dollars per person. "

Since Utah — the state where the Mormon church is flourishing, cultists could not just stay on the sidelines. The survey showed that 4% of the Mormon faith — our Earth is in fact empty. Moreover, according to the Mormons, the underworld could go missing "ten tribes of Israel!"

"I firmly believe that there is a significant amount of scientific, historical and written evidence to support my theory," — said the author of the controversial book, not afraid that a year frustrated travelers just beat him. According to him, the entrance to the underworld located on land in the five degrees of the pole, and modern maps and the government simply lying.

"There are indications that the U.S. military knew about it — told Cliff. — Finding the Inner Earth will mark a new era, a revolution in science and throughout society. "

Etat — this is an understatement: Cliff said that it was under the ground is the kingdom of God, in the political sense, of course, populated by "ten tribes of Israel" under the leadership of the descendants of King David, and even the very Garden of Eden, where God once placed Adam and Eve. Inner sun that illuminates the heavens Inner Earth is the throne of God and heaven, where the souls of the deceased go! Of course, the UFO, he said, also fly out of the ground … («Brigham Young University NewsNet» on November 11, 2003)

And seriously, after a flight to the North Pole became no more than a pastime for the next "new Russian", who even once brought a group of "Walrus" and paid through the nose to where they played for 27 — degrees below zero, to talk about some secrets in the Arctic is ridiculous. The polar regions stormed all — Nansen and Byrd, accurate and Nobile airship "Graf Zeppelin" and the drifting station "SP", U.S. submarines under the ice and our northern aviapatruli over them. If Americans do not mind to throw out 20 thousand dollars to ride on an icebreaker for the Arctic, what — zvezdaty-striped flag in their hands. Just let then do not complain that they were not warned …

Russian UFO Digest # 1 / January 2004

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