The first batch of the most expensive in the world battle tank was slightly more expensive

The first batch of the most expensive in the world battle tank was a little more expensiveSouth Korea as before suffering the disease of growth in an attempt to become honest manufacturer of advanced military technology, the military-industrial complex of the country is faced with neuvvyazkami in the manufacture of the first batch of tanks, K-2.

Tanks that are already listed on this day the most expensive ever made in the world, at the present time have difficulty with the power plant, namely, with engines and transmissions.

Because South Korea hurry to pass the K-2 is adopted, the country turned to Germany for help in the production of the first 100 Korean tanks.

Chosun Ilbo (Chosun Ilbo) reports:

South Korea's Defense Ministry has decided to import power pack installed tanks for their own K-2, because the difficulties with the engine and gearbox Korean production, is unlikely to be resolved in the recent times.

The decision to purchase units of the German production for the first batch of 100 tanks was approved at a meeting chaired by the Minister of Defense Kim Kwan-Jin (Kim Kwan-jin), said in a statement of defense procurement programs from the Administration (DAPA) in Mon, March 2nd, 2012.

DAPA official said: "Tests have shown enormous technical improvements in power pack compartment Korean production compared with a year back, but after we carefully examined their ability to exercise during the winter and on the strength of the test, we found that we do not have sufficient conviction of the possibility to install it in the first batch of cars. "

DAPA added that initially had no plans to use only Korean-made units, and how the problem will be solved (with a second party), they will be mounted on tanks.

At a cost of more than 8.5 million dollars for one tank, which continues to grow, South Korea wants to be sure that her modern tank worth all the money that she makes it.

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