The first ship built by Vietnam without the help of others, was launched

The first ship built by Vietnam alone, was launched

First ship, built by Vietnamese enterprises have been launched. The announcement of this was located on the Vietnamese site VnExpress. While the exact size of the new unidentified ship. Clearly it was just placed artillery and missile weapons, combat radius of the act which is two and a half thousand miles. According to the statement Pham Ngoc Minh, Rear Admiral Navy Vietnam, meant to use this ship to patrol the territorial waters of Vietnam.

Most likely, we have in mind missile boats 12418 'Lightning'. In 2005, the Vietnam has acquired a license to build 12 ships of the project itself. Under the deal, the two missile boats built in Rybinsk, and then transferred to Hanoi (2007-2008). Petersburg CDB "Diamond" transferred to Vietnam all the documentation on these ships. Amount of the contract concluded with the Vietnam, was approximately billion dollars. In 2010, under the supervision of Russian professionals began assembly of the first boat "Lightning."

Displacement missile boat — 500 tons. Ship can reach speeds of up to 40 knots. "Lightning" is armed with eight missiles "Uranus" rocket launchers "Igla" (ammunition for 24 missiles), artillery, and anti-aircraft gun. In 2011, between the Vietnamese party and ship repair center "asterisk" agreement was signed for the supply of tools and spare parts for vehicles.

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