The first step in Irans space ended in failure

Iran's first step into space ended in failureTehran has acknowledged that the first Iranian gallaktichesky project — start monkeys into orbit, ended in failure. Iran's ISNA news agency said that rocket "Kavoshgar-5" with the capsule, in which monkeys was alive, went into orbit in Iranian month of Shahrivar (August 23 — September 22). "However, the launch has not been reported, — explained to reporters Mehdinedzhad Mohammad Nouri, deputy minister for science — because not all of his goals have been met."

October 3 Tehran said without explaining the circumstances that trigger monkeys live in space postponed indefinitely. Monkeys was to be the first Iranian astronaut. She was to go up to a height of 120 km and take a 20-minute suborbital flight.

In the spring, Iranian officials have unanimously stated that the flight monkeys in space will be the first step towards sending a man into space, Tehran scheduled for 2020. Iran said in the middle of March the successful launch of early version of the missile — "Kavoshgar-4", which raised a test capsule into space, exactly the same, in what was supposed to fly monkeys.

The Iranian Space Agency has already sent in space small animals: rat, turtles and worms in 2010 on a rocket, "Kavoshgar-3." First The Islamic Republic has sent a satellite into space in 2009.

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