The gun should be fine

But not necessarily foreign

The issue of the purchase or license the production zabugornyh weapons and military equipment for the Russian power structures continues to haunt not only the expert community, and so many people in our country. In some cases, these solutions are looked entirely reasonable guidelines, in others — cause a lot of problems. Meanwhile, the first in May, it became clear about one a similar project: the state corporation "Russian Technologies" agrees with the Italian company Beretta to develop a joint venture to produce small tool.

As stated during a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, CEO of GC "Russian Technologies" Chemezov, the negotiations with the Italians already discusses the possibility of first 2011 to deploy the joint creation of hunting and sporting guns, and pistols (the latter — for employees of intelligence agencies and the police). According to the managing corporation, whole range of products coming businesses to be supplied to the domestic Russian market and for export, the first in the CIS countries.

Also during the meeting with the Prime Minister on 6 May Chemezov made policy statements regarding the future of some Russian companies involved in the creation of small tools: Izhevsk Mechanical Works, "Izhmash" and Vyatsko Polyany Machine Building Plant "Hammer". According to Chemezov, the military establishment will be concentrated in Izhevsk, "The Hammer" is also planned to restructure. The main products in the field of military small arms weapons at the plant were machine guns Kalashnikov. Now they will be releasing in Izhevsk, apparently, it will Concern "Izhmash".

Chemezov explained that for 3 companies that produce products monotype, it is unrealistic to dial the required number of orders. Indeed, in modern conditions have a separate establishment for the RPK-74 and its modifications, in fact, represent a same Kalashnikov only reinforced construction and more than a longish barrel — a luxury. Because the decision to postpone the production of this instrument should be recognized in Izhevsk entirely logical. You can even go a bit further and reflect on the issuance of the PKK-74 in the current criteria. Export orders for this machine gun Our homeland in the near future is not received, although Kalashnikov rifles as before are in steady demand by our partners in the field of military-technical cooperation.

On the grounds on which facilities will create a joint venture with the Beretta, Chemezov did not elaborate. Apparently, the site is not already selected. But questions about what exactly a gun (or guns) Italian company offered to create for the benefit of Russian law enforcement agencies, and most importantly — is it necessary (they are), they are of great enthusiasm.

On this day, Beretta offers four main models of guns designed including special forces and the guardians of law and order. To be more precise, it is faster than two branches having two models of identical construction, the main difference is that the automation scheme: 92 and 90two, 8000 Cougar and Px4 Storm.

Beretta 92

More popular and vserasprostranennaya model of the company — Beretta 92, which is under the designation M9 1985 is in service with the U.S. military. Its automation is built under the scheme with the introduction of energy efficiency in the course of a small trunk and lock swinging in a vertical plane larva. Distinctive features of the model — the open top (up to a point that the decision was "family" feature of all pistols Beretta) shutter and frame made of duralumin alloy.

9mm Luger / Parabellum

The main ammunition for the 92-th model is the standard for NATO and the world more vserasprostranenny 9×19 mm, aka 9mm Luger / Parabellum, although there are modifications chambered for .40 SW — to arm the American militia, also 9×21 mm IMI — for civilian market. Capacity service pistols 9mm — 15 rounds, the weight of the gun without bullets — 945 in all overcome some "childhood diseases", the most severe of which — existed in the U.S. Armed Forces and the French cases of destruction of the gate and the back of his separation, Beretta 92 earned a solid reputation and reliable tools. It is no accident the gun is in service with the armies and police forces from 21 countries.

Beretta 90two is actually somewhat modernized 92-th model and differs from it in the presence of first modular ergonomic plastic handle covers (you can personally pick up for each arrow) and standard plates for mounting a tactical light or a laser pointer at the bottom of the frame. By design, the type of ammunition used models 92 and 90two are generally similar. For 90two features a shop with an increased capacity to 17 rounds.

8000 Cougar

8000 Cougar and Px4 Storm belong to the newcomer generation pistols firm Beretta. Their main feature is a locking scheme — there is a twist of the barrel. Unlike previous models of 8000 Cougar and the future development — Px4 Storm got quite a closed gate. Both models have good ergonomics, a small-sized and initially focused on the implementation of the police. In accordance with the fashion trends of recent years Px4 Storm pistol frame is made of resin, each gun equipped with 3 interchangeable back plate handles of different sizes, which allows the shooter to adjust the gun in accordance with the anatomical structure of their own hands. In caliber 9 mm depending on the version 8000 Cougar magazine capacity is 13-15 rounds at Px4 Storm — 17. Due to the use in the construction of a polymer frame weight Px4 Storm unloaded relatively small — 785 g Px4 Storm is in service with South African police, border police agencies in Canada and the State of Maryland in the United States.

Px4 Storm

At the current time, right at the ready and the sale of handguns 8000 Cougar transferred to the U.S. company Stoeger, their assembly is done in Turkey.

The main type of personal weapons in the police and other structures of the Interior Ministry is a Makarov pistol. PM is a very common and reliable standard, but the gun back in the 80s was considered obsolete and require substitution in the army. In the 90 years talking about the need for a new personal tool for police officers. In the interests of the sun on the contest (the theme of "Rook"), announced in 1990, was made three sets of gun-cartridge: gun Yarigina — PCOS, gun Serdyukov — SPS and gun Gryazev and Shipunova — GS-18. Last standard, however, the competition did not, but in 2003 all the same was adopted along with PCOS declared the winner on "Rook".

Pistol Serdyukov — PCA

For all 3 samples were developed with armor-piercing bullets bullets: for TL and GS-18 — 9×19 mm in size, and for the ATP — 9×21 mm in size. The main purpose of these weapons, designated respectively 7N21 and 7N31 in 9×19 mm version, SP-9 and SP-10 in the version 9×21 mm — hit the enemy in a flak jacket or is behind some sort of barrier rail vehicle. Indeed, the light bullets with iron heat-treated core of these cartridges confidentl
y penetrate body armor and iron sheets up to a width of 8 mm, but, in the views of some professionals zapregradnoe action cores with a diameter of 5-7 mm is comparable low. For the same police guns are very necessary, if not essential qualities are superior stopping power, the lack of propensity to ricochet to avoid accidental victims in the shooting in the town of criteria. Shops PYA and GS-18 can be fit and ordinary 9×19 mm ammunition, but the presence of Russian armor piercing ammunition does more versatile complexes. Together with the fact 7N21 and 7N31, due to the massive powder charge when fired create the highest pressure in the barrel, you can use not far away at all zabugornyh pistols.


Despite the fact that IL-18 and GS adopted for service in the Armed Forces in 2003, and in 2008, the Interior Ministry announced its intention to make a full-time PYA tool for all their employees, the volume of orders for these standards are still low. PYA choice for arming militia looks a bit weird. It seems to be more of them came GS-18, at the expense of having a polymer frame lowest weight (580 g versus 950 g in PCOS).

AEs gun Yarigina

Reviews of the new Russian guns are very different. In particular stands GS-18, which the people who have had dealings with him, give diametrically inverse estimates: from quite unprintable to ecstatic. This suggests that designers aviapushek — academics with mud and Shipunovo managed to do really captivating standard hand firearms. From the perspective of the passport damn gun looks better zabugornyh counterparts, with the lowest weight (580 g) and more than roomy (18 rounds) magazine. A curious feature of the process GS-18 is its focus on the construction of gross creature that, in general, to this day has not been expanded. Only done about half thousand GS-18. In such criteria difficult to debug production technology, to get rid of the need for manual adjustment of parts, and means — and to reach their full interchangeability. In small scale manufacturing cost of the product is also the highest, at even better brought and "promoted" Western models.

It is necessary to arm the Russian police one of the Beretta pistols instead of the Russian IL-18 or GS? Get really a measured response to this question can only be based on the results of painstaking joint tests of Western and Russian samples. Only the experience of practical implementation is able to show which of them is more convenient to carry and implement the realities of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, durable, reliable and easier to maintain. But to carry out such approvals until nothing is heard, and talk about the supply of products of Italian firm is already underway. Means the question of such rearmament, apparently, will be decided in a plane verbovaniya administrative resources.

By the way, there is a regular output: Allow employees and officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Armed Forces without the help of others to choose and receive personal weapon of the number of samples included in the officially agreed list. Such option is practiced in almost all countries zabugornyh. But we do it, it seems, is not considered.

But this does not mean that Russia should firmly renounce any production license was foreign guns. Practical acquaintance with zabugornoy technology and design standards of properties in the country verbovanie zabugornogo modern equipment in any event will benefit the Russian small arms industry. The concept of "design" here incidentally plays a role too far. Diverse, to put it mildly, ergonomics, very unsightly appearance of rough and finish are distinctive features of most of the samples of Russian small guns made in the past 20 years. When used only for domestic consumption, these reasons may be, and do not play a significant role so, but for exports of these are the very important.

The gun can and should be for the shooter not only comfortable, and beautiful. After all, the perfect thing to realize psychologically easier. And with eyes on the post-Soviet Russian gunsmiths waste products at their own expense somehow not hunt.

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