The July drought in the U.S.: a photo report

The July drought in the U.S.: Photo Weather and Climate


Once the water level in Lake Medina fell to a critical level of 16 meters, and the dry dock was down. Farmers face water shortage in the area of San Antonio, Texas.

Another consequence of the drought are fires. A striking example is the fire in High Park to the west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Fell victim to fire 250 houses, 364 km2 of forest. To replace it by a new fire in the canyon Waldo. As a result, two people were killed and 350 houses burnt down.

Due to high temperature Lake Buchanan near the ancient city Bluffton, Texas, much shallow. Many of its residents are now never be able to return to normal life. To the delight of archaeologists and treasure hunters on the lake bottom bared found many artifacts that represent some value.

Extremely hot day in Iowa during the fireworks show, where sometimes the thermometer showed more +40 ° C. In order to eliminate the potential risk of fire from sparks fireworks festival program was cut.

Hot dry weather greatly impoverished the South American grasslands, which imposed a heavy burden on local farmers and their livestock. Many breeders of Louisiana and Texas were forced to sell their animals.

Not only pets suffer from the American drought. A representative of amphibians trying to escape in a handful of dirt from the scorching sun, dry canal in Indiana, who formerly served home for the Beavers.

Size of Lake Powell declined sharply after people took to build another on the Colorado River dam to compensate for the lack of water in the metropolitan areas of seven western states with a total population of 30 million people, and the fields that are considered the main granary of the country.

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