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For more than a year, the Kremlin diet took the first place in the ranking of the most trendy diets in Russia. Its apparent simplicity and efficiency, it attracts a lot of fans among fans of "losing weight without effort." And in the meantime doctors are sounding the alarm. Indeed, in recent years no one diet does not give as many complications as "Kremlevka"!   

What offended carbohydrates?

The basic principle of "Kremlin hospital" — strict control over intake of carbohydrates. Each item has an index (in arbitrary units or points), reflecting the content of carbohydrates per 100 grams of product. Do you want to lose weight — gorge on a day not more than 40 points to keep the weight — not more than 60. With tables carbohydrate content in foods can be found in any cookbook, and websites devoted to the diets.

What is the authors"Kremlin hospital" not please carbohydrates? Nutritionists around the world recognize that their excess leads to excess weight, but specify that the danger is only so-called "free sugars": glucose, sucrose, fructose, galactose and lactose. This is the most readily available source of energy for the body. With the lack of physical activity, "free sugars" not spent, and "fall on the side" is already in the form of fat. No wonder the restriction of the consumption of sweets, confectionery, bread of flour, meal, fast food, finally, just sugar, is the basis of any reasonable diet.

However, the term "carbohydrates" includes also fruit and vegetable sugar (they do not relate to the "free"!), Starch, pectin, polysaccharides, fibers. These substances are not only useful and necessary for the body! They provide the normal functioning of the muscles and brain, regulates the absorption of many nutrients that stimulate the intestines and protect against premature aging. Fruits and vegetables, unpolished grains, grains, legumes, and whole-grain bread nutritionists recommend including in the diet for obesity.

It seems that the authors of the Kremlin diet these subtleties are not known. To stay within the limits of 40-60 points, you have to forget about the existence of absolutely all the sweets, as well as cereals, pasta, and most fruits. Vegetables are the most "nizkoochkovye": cabbage, green onions, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and spinach.

But what, then eat? Please at your disposal almost all kinds of meat, poultry and fish, as well as sausage and smoked meats — eat your health! After all, most of these products have an index of 0 — 1.5 cu

In the restaurant with a calculator

At first glance, the Kremlin diet seems simple and convenient. But this is only the first zglyad. For example, on 40 points can eat a portion of stewed eggplant (200 grams — 14 points), salad of cucumbers and tomatoes (150 grams — 5 points), apple — 12 points, drink a glass of yogurt — 8 points, and eat lots and lots of beef or pork.

But in order to calculate all this, you need the index table of products, kitchen electronic scales and a calculator. Home in the presence of free time to make calculations easy. And what about those who eat at work? Can be in a cafe with a calculator and weights?

Fans of "Kremlin hospital" out of the situation is simple: start to feed one meat and fish. And often reside on a "diet" for a long time, forgetting about the recommended relief measure up to 60 points. And this food, though herding zhirok laterally, health goes sideways.

Price Weight Loss

The effectiveness of the Kremlin diet is quite high: lose weight, 8 out of 10. But despite such impressive results, many dropping off a diet because of ill health or deteriorating appearance. No wonder: an excess of meat leads to toxic products of incomplete protein breakdown — ketone bodies, poisoning the body. In addition, "myasoedstvo" violates and exchange of salts, which can be manifested by pain in the joints and spine, kidney failure, up to the formation of stones in them.

Do not forget the meat coming from fats. Of course, in a lack of carbohydrates are consumed, they are active and not deposited in reserve. But their adverse effects on the blood (increased cholesterol levels), skin, liver function, biliary tract and pancreas remains.

Consequently, the "Kremlevka" can spur the development of diseases such as kidney stones and gallstones, atherosclerosis and angina, nephritis, diabetes, and men — particularly ardent fans of the diet — and even gout. For those who already suffer from these diseases Kremlin diet just is contraindicated.

And that's not all! A diet containing 60 grams of carbohydrates, is not able to provide us with the necessary number of plant foods and those components that are present in it: fiber, vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, B vitamins and trace elements. Deficiency of these substances as manifested in constipation, reduced immunity disorders of the reproductive system, the deterioration of the skin, hair, nails and changes walls venous and arterial vessels.

If you take into account these violations, the spectrum of side effects and contraindications Kremlin diet is expanding even more. It turns out that "Kremlevka" only fit perfectly healthy people with no age or genetic predisposition to metabolic, renal, cardiovascular disease, but just such, the holders of excess weight — units.

In addition, we should not lose sight of the effect and the "zombies." Young people crazy about her figure, can no longer refuse Kremlin diet for fear of re-gaining weight. They count the manic glasses, afraid to eat the extra half an apple or drink a glass of juice. A starving brain on low carbohydrate content in the diet only exacerbates psychogenic disorder.

So, before you put dangerous experiments on his own body, is, perhaps, to wonder whether you need it The Kremlin diet?

Anna Belousova, therapist, nutritionist

Source: Magazine "Be healthy"

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