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On the phenomenon of poltergeist activity in recent years, much has been written in the press, scientists at conferences and congresses have tried to give it a scientific explanation of why some with flying saucers, flowerpots, themselves turn on and off appliances and light bulbs, heard strange voices and knocks, steps, moved furniture, torn metal hinges on the doors.

We are confident that the poltergeist phenomenon is associated with impaired energy networks (Hartman, Curry), with a concentration of negative psychic energy in this place, caused by the scandals, stress, bereavement, fear. Poltergeists usually occur in areas with flooded fault tectonics, ie negative geopathic zones.

At the end of the 80s began an intensive study of ionospheric interactions in ufology and many anomalous phenomena intruding into people's lives. The author at the time, along with a psychic Anatoly Tulupova had visited several houses of Chita, where there were cases of poltergeist. None of them are not marked "cruel" poltergeist. All the reported cases were more or less innocent character. In one apartment allegedly silver men were visiting for two months seriously ill woman. This, she told her husband, daughter and grandchildren. The aliens, according to her, pass freely through the walls. But it was enough to appear in an apartment to a stranger, they instantly disappear. The patient was a woman they called to him, promised that she would be "out there" very well. Where is "there" is never explained. But once took her with him. They were flying very fast and flew "there" where there were lots of people. They all looked very happy and, to the surprise of women, working hard.

In the same house after the death of an elderly woman occupants of the house had a feeling her presence. The daughter had the impression that the mother tries to penetrate into it and guide its actions. This sense of the introduction was so tangible, often appearing with the daughter of manners, voice and expression of the mother.

Description of the aliens has always been the same. They were like the astronauts. Dressed in silver or gold clothing, sometimes on the head they had suits, but most of the face was open. Head shape amused the old woman, as the back of his head was flat, and the ears are very small, too small and the nose without nostrils.

In the same house relatives of the women spoke about unexpected encounters with dead ancestors, which began many years ago when the family lived in the other apartment. Most often at these meetings came the father of the woman.

At inspection of the apartment by the framework, we found a strong dowsing geopathic zone, which houses the bed.

In one of the houses of Chita in August 1989 for a few days, strange things were happening: burned out bulbs, shattered into small pieces flameproof casserole, cup, into which was poured coffee, collapsed, and in the hands of the hostess was only a pen, self-unscrewing the sprinkler valve in the kitchen. When dowsing survey, we found the apartment intensive geopathic zone, passing through the kitchen and toilet.

In another apartment on the fourth floor of a block of flats on the floor and in the washing machine at night there was a lot of water, even though the taps were shut tight, and in order to open them, you had to make a rather large effect. Water on the floor machine and repeatedly appear.

TV for two months turned on and off only "when he wants to." All this time, while there were miracles, the youngest daughter landlady very restless nights sleep. In this apartment, we found two anomalous geopathic zones intersected in the kitchen in a cupboard.

In another apartment also observed different objects flying at a distance of three meters. Shattered crystal vase, flown 1.5 meters. Suddenly, in the hands of the mistress shattered into small pieces with a cup of water. This creates the impression that the cup breaks from the heat, but the water in it was cold.

In all of the houses and apartments with dowsing geopathic zones were identified, which were held just across the areas where there was a poltergeist phenomena. In three apartments there is a clear dependence of the poltergeist manifestations of adverse geophysical days. However, these factors only explain the presence of a poltergeist is not possible, because in the apartment below and above in any case, poltergeist or other abnormal phenomena were observed, although they were recorded geopathic zone.

In some cases, poltergeist manifested with more sinister side. In one of the apartments after a bath woman lying on the couch, watching TV, and soon felt someone watching her. She got up and phoned her sister, and then someone invisible lifted the lid sofa bed and she fell with a crash into place. According to dowsing, this apartment is located within one of the most powerful geo-pathogenic zones crossing home.

On one of the streets of Chita in the early 90s marked the appearance of silvery creatures that came out of the bus and passed through the wall of the building facing a geopathic zone.

UFO landing sites are also confined to the powerful faults in the earth's crust or the nodes of geopathic zones, their intersection (as a possible source of energy for UFOs). A similar case was recorded in the village Gurulba near Ulan-Ude.

In recent years, due to the shift of the magnetic poles, with the change in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is intended to increase its emissions in the geopathic zones, and frequent cases of poltergeist activity. In one of the villages of Buryatia Sagan-Nur, built on the grounds to fault tectonics near the coal mine, residents are often faced with a poltergeist. In one of the cottages were flying books and kitchen utensils, so that the children wore miners' helmets to prevent strokes. In another cottage on the eyes of the astonished guests opened the door in the wall, and from there slowly came out and fell on the carpet large crystal vase. In all these cottages and around bioramki recorded the presence of geopathic zones and their joints, traced on the ground and passing through the cottages, as evidenced by the survey and map dowsing GPP Sagan-Nur, made by operators Baikal Association of dowsing.

In 1997, we came to a house below street Kalinin on the descent to the river Chitinka. In one of the apartments almost daily for more than two weeks in the same spot on the ceiling and the wall appeared a wet spot, and the water flooded the wall. The apartment we have carefully examined with the help of dowsing and found that the wet wall and the entire emergency room is located on the site of intersection of the GEA. After neutralization of these zones wet spot and flood waters are gone. These powerful GPP is evidently due to river and coastal tectonics, which became more intense at this time in this place.

Prior to our arrival in the apartment opened and the pipe in the ceiling or under the floor. But all was in vain, nothing anywhere from pipes did not leak.

All cases of poltergeist activity, as shown by studies of Tomsk (N. Novgorod), Krasnoyarsk (F.B Baksht, V. Prokhorov) and Moscow scientists, including dowsing operators are associated with psychokinetic phenomena with radiation geopathic zones with power grids, as well as with the change of total action Cosmophysical factors.

Such cases are not rare and often occur where a poltergeist haunts the child or adolescent who in his apartment poltergeists are considered carriers. Release of psychic energy often try to explain the appearance of a poltergeist. For example, around the bed 9-year-old boy who was in the hospital of the town of Nuoro (island of Sardinia), floor boards of a sudden started to leak water, flooding the room. And it manifested itself every time you transfer him to another ward. And in abandoned houses in the study of the sexes water source not found.

In another case, in the house of a pastor in rural Norfolk, in the United States from the ceilings and walls of several rooms oozing refined oil (a mixture of kerosene and gasoline), and then began the "rain" of a mixture of methyl alcohol and sandalwood oil, and liquid vapor forced to evacuate people. When prodolbili walls and ceilings investigated, could not find anything.

Documented cases of poltergeist in Chita explains the depth of the geophysical faults caused by local gravitational dynamics. These faults were fixed by us many times when photographing these places — in the photos appear bright beams, strips, balls, patches or translucent silhouettes of human figures or animals.

Some people who watched in ltergeyst, noted that the formation of flash light only a fraction of a second. These outbreaks recorded video and German scientists, as told transmission RTR "Planet Earth" in November 2001.

Photographing the poltergeist is best done using a pendulum and bioramok, as does Valentin Lebedev in Moscow.

Of the various versions of the poltergeist — the most convincing explanation is that this is a manifestation of essential inhabitants (all ghosts are ethereal nature). And the ones we take for space aliens in silver suits — this is probably the etheric double or etheric matter embodied in the mental images of people living in these apartments. Particularly strong these mental images appear where negative emotions are raging, a group of people — in scandals cries of hatred and condemnation. Subtle World Oderzhateli love this atmosphere, and the man in anger becomes a receptacle oderzhatelya. Therefore, all the scriptures call to repentance, to pray, to rest.

One of the interesting places abroad, where almost all the parties executed fotoizuchenie poltergeist is a private home in the United States — Estate Black Forest family of Lee, where they had moved in May 1991.

The couple Lee, once they returned home, noted that the house on their own turn on and off appliances, lights and lamps went out, there were strange lights and strange shadows, flickering in the night in the rooms sons. Often, the rooms spread foul smell, and once raged Poltergeist: the ceiling so rattled, as if dancing on the roof of a crowd of people, with all the lights in the living room joined by themselves. Owner of the estate, Steve Lee said that the photographs and film, shot in certain areas of their estates, there were strange bands of light and translucent faces. These additions to the items shootings appeared in the living room, a large bedroom and at the outer wall. It is possible that their house was on the site of geopathic zones.

Master of special effects Edison Williams in the TV program "Visions and apparitions" related how, in 1995, having become acquainted with the video tapes and photographs, he realized that he imprinted on them to create artificial light images is extremely difficult, and "some of them do contradict the laws of optics."

E. Boudin, "a specialist in ghosts" from the State of Minnesota, has determined that the house was inhabited by Lee evil spirit male. Using a special camera crew managed to take a picture of a ghost in infrared light, which, according to Bodin, "the cause of it happening, and considers himself the master of this house." She noted the extremely high energy levels of supernatural forces in the house.

Six months later, with the film crew came Peter James — a specialist in the study of paranormal phenomena. Approaching the house, James said he feels the effects of a powerful energy vortex and to survey the estate, has found a strong energy field over its entire territory, and felt like the wife of Lee, a sharp odor. During bypass the estate owners James suddenly asked about Howard, their close friend. He felt that Jack was the son of Howard allegedly died from a drug overdose (perhaps this was caused by the growing chemical smell) entered into this world through a tear in the space-time field formed on the estate as a result of the vortex. Jack wanted to make contact with his father, and tell him that he did not die from drugs and was killed. Perhaps field estates promoted that James had never heard of the existence of Howard and his son, made a stunning message spouses.

Information about the powerful vortex in the field and confirmed the manor Indian shaman, invited spouses Lee to the estate. The shaman said that this area is "rainbow vortex" — one of three well-known in the land of anomalous energy zones where there is direct contact with the beyond the earthly world. (Two other similar regions, by his definition, are on private land in Arizona and in London.)

By early 1997, the couple Lee has accumulated more than three thousand four hundred photographs and video tapes with recordings of all sorts of anomalies. Almost every day one or two photographs recorded anomalies.

This work, performed by Stephen Lee, confirms the need fotomonitoringa anomalous areas, including a re-photographing the areas of geopathic zones poltergeist manifestations, when there are unusual on film frames, which are not only indirectly, but in fact a direct proof of the existence of the invisible world and multidimensional spaces.

Natalia Glazkov wil Landa, Zhukovsky

Secret Doctrine, 24 (118) December 2003

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