The Pentagon admitted in preparation of an attack on Iran

The Pentagon admitted in preparation of an attack on IranUnited States for the first time acknowledged the existence of a plan for a possible attack Iran. As the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. admiral Mike Mullen, the Pentagon is considering the possibility of a military solution to the Iranian issue, provided that the Tehran continue to seek confrontation with the West. It is reported by Associated Press.

"The military technique was and remains one of the possible options being considered by President [Barack Obama]. Hopefully we will not have to resort to it, but such option there, and he carefully analyzed, "- said Mullen in an interview to NBC.

Speaking about the possible attack on Iran Admiral Mullen stressed that such a step would have unintended consequences in the Middle East. At the same time, according to the admiral, Washington categorically against Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and will do everything to prevent this.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps warned the U.S. against imprudent decisions. As the Deputy Commander of the Corps Yadolla Dzhavani (Yadollah Javani), "the smallest mistake," Washington will lead to destabilization in the region. On this case, Dzhavani warned that Iran is ready to "harsh response".

Tehran once warn the U.S. and Israel — head ally of Washington in the region — from possible attacks on Iran's countryside and friendly countries. Specifically, in response to any U.S. or Israeli anger Tehran promised to bomb Tel Aviv.

In turn, the U.S. and its allies are putting pressure on Iran, requiring him to cease development of the nuclear program there. According to the views of the United States and many Western countries, Tehran under the guise of peaceful nuclear programs from developing a weapon of mass destruction.

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