The Pentagon announced to the world cyberwar

The Pentagon announced to the world cyberwarU.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed a decree which true governs the behavior of the U.S. military in the conduct of cyber attacks. To replace the actual bombing and shelling came computer War, they say representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense, reports Associated Press.

In a brand new large-scale Pentagon bill carefully explains all computer means that the military can be used both during the conflict and in peacetime. Their spread is quite wide — from enemy systems of infection by viruses to powerful DDoS attacks, which would have lead to disabling power grids and protective servers opponent.

"We do not need a bomb. At least, it will be possible to use them more sparingly than in the past. We are entering the era of the latest" — said the expert on cyber security, Center for Strategic and International research United States, James Lewis.

According to the newcomer to plan the Pentagon, he said, computer technology of warfare will be developed more quickly than other weapons. The military put their trust that with the help of programmers and the latest technological developments will make them better protection of fundamental strategic facilities in the United States and allied countries.

The new law clearly allows to realize that in the case of, for example, a terrorist attack, the U.S. will have the right to block computer Server not only at home, but also abroad. So Makar, USA will expand the boundaries of their own international influence. However, the host at the foreign box America will be allowed only in the most recent cases, report to the representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

AP journalists attributed the introduction of the new law, not least with nedavneshnim hacking the website of the U.S. Senate. Kibervragom States considered the number one in China, the agency reported.

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