The Pentagon became interested in Russian helicopters Mi-17

The Pentagon became interested in Russian helicopters Mi-17Pentagon direct negotiations with the Russian state company "Rosoboronexport" to acquire batch of helicopters E-17 intended for use by Afghanistan.

On it Vesti.Ru, referring to the south american weekly Defence News. "In the interests of our military — to build with Russian companies producing military equipment, such as the case, which we support with" Boeing ", which produces helicopters" Chinook "or by" Sikorsky Aircraft ', which produces helicopters "Black Hawk" — said in a interview with the project manager for the U.S. Army's use of unusual helicopter aviation Colonel Burt Verghese.

In May of this year, the South American government canceled a number of one-sided actions against Russian defense campaigns, including the "Rosoboronexport", who was accused of violating the Law of the Non-Proliferation in Iran, North Korea and Syria, or international control regimes weapon of mass destruction and missile technology.

According to a spokesman for the Pentagon, helicopters E-17 to join the Air Force formed Afghanistan, because these machines have proved to be effective in the criteria of high mountains, as usual for the Afghans to manage.

E-17 (E-8MTB) was developed in the USSR in the early 80's and is now used in about 20 countries around the world. May 19, 2010 in Konotop were flight tests of helicopter engines with a different version. Set a world record when helicopter 13 minutes up to an altitude of 8100 meters. With all this the greatest horsepower — 2000 hp maintained for 30 minutes. Show properties helicopter E-17 surely fly in the mountains in the most extreme altitudes.

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