The Pentagon is going to get the stealth drone carrier-based by the end of this decade

The Pentagon is going to get the stealth drone carrier-based by the end of this decade

U.S. Navy wants to speed up enacting shock drones capable of operating from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

According to the director of programs from unmanned aerial vehicles Navy Admiral William Shannon planned to achieve this by first reviewing the requirements for a promising unmanned aircraft system and facilitate the acquisition of UAVs. Most likely, to a reasonable limit will be reduced properties drones that will allow promptly adopt devices such as X-47B and the Predator C Avenger.

Three weeks back the experts at the Pentagon began discussing the requirements for carrier-based drone and concluded that in this case, a departure from the practice of tightening them, which leads to delays in the development and appreciation of the final product, as it were, for example, in the case of the F-35. Instead of the war prompted the developers of simple design UAV, which should assist to reduce costs and delays, moreover, will be facilitated by the procurement process, as is the current time with the experimental UAV, which are perfectly used in Afghanistan.

So makarom programm UCLASS, designed to provide shock UAV aircraft carrier groups to be significantly accelerated.

At the current time the main participants in programs from UCLASS, X-47B and Predator With Avenger, own all the powers of old times like UAV MQ-9 Reaper. With all this new UAVs can carry more than a massive gun, have the highest speed and great range, ie already past perfect percussion UAV. Predator C Avenger and most sent to Afghanistan. South American military, taught applets F-22 and F-35, apparently realized that we should not expect the best from a decent and want to get the latest system as quickly as possible.

Militarily programm UCLASS aircraft carrier groups will give a "long" arm, capable of destroying targets at a distance of several thousand kilometers. This will turn the aircraft carrier in the strategic and virtually invulnerable to missiles and aircraft gun.

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