The plane was the victim of a UFO




Such is the meaning of the jury's verdict

Yesterday, in the Stavropol Territorial Court jury's verdict was read in the case of the crash near the Circassian in March 1997, the An-24. The jury found that six of the defendants' guilt is not proven.

Stavropol Airlines plane shareholder (SAHAK) AN-24, tail number 46516 RVRA flew on his last flight from Stavropol Trabzon (Turkey) at half past nine in the morning March 18, 1997. After 32 minutes it disappeared from radar screens … In total, the An-24 crash killed 50 people: 10 crew members and 40 passengers.

The investigation of the case lasted for about six years. Versions of the cause of the crash was set. However, after the transcripts of "black boxes" and compare it with other investigation concluded that the aircraft disintegrated in the air due to corrosion fatigue in the canteen and toilets. In the repair of aircraft parts corrosion were looking for without the help of technical means, which led to an incorrect assessment of his condition. As a result, in August 1996, the aircraft was extended time between overhauls. At the time of the last flight, which took place in conditions of poor visibility, snow and turbulence, the plane took eight cycles, overloads, broke down and fell apart in the air.

Criminal charges were brought six employees SAHAK Andrew Andreychuk, Yuri Gladkov, Andrey Kondrashov, Alexander Kudinov, Dmitry Mezelsky and Nicholas Romanenko. They were charged under a violation of traffic safety and operation of air or water transport, provides for punishment of four to ten years in prison.

The defendants pleaded not guilty and, together with his lawyers argued that the plane could get a rocket "surface-to-air." As proof, they claimed that a few seconds before the plane disappeared from radar screens on them there were two unidentified object on their way with an average speed of 2,400 kilometers per hour.

On the question of the guilt of the defendants jury unanimously answered in the negative.

"We had no doubt of victory from the very beginning of the judicial investigation — said the" Y "is one of the defense — the prosecution there was virtually no chance."

Discuss the implications of the verdict of the court presiding over Igor KURBATOV appointed on February 3.


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