The plans and the reality of the submarine fleet

In the coming years, as you know, for the defense will spend about 20 trillion rubles. Part of the funds will go to the Navy. And, apparently, a big part of it. So, for example, the president of the United Shipbuilding Company R. Trocenko not brag so long ago that the "Sevmash" (Severodvinsk) already has orders until 2022. One can not but agree with him that such excellent timing in the industry are rare: the total value of all contracts of the enterprise is 280000000000. rubles. Curiously, this is the largest amount of the agreements concluded with the legal person in our country. A worthy cause for pride.

The bulk of the orders at the Severodvinsk is associated with the construction of submarines, fourth-generation Project 885 "Ash" and 955 "Borey". Now comes the Defense Ministry plans to build 10 boats of the first type and the second eight. Recall the number of suitable "Ash" is constantly changing — it took three 10-ka, then only 5 ships, but in the spring of this year, it was agreed to on the brakes 10. Although we can not say that after the commissioning of the 10 submarines will not start building new ones. A certain optimism in terms of the feasibility of the planned construction assigns the fact that in the last 7-10 years, the rate of construction lead ships of both projects have risen significantly, "Severodvinsk" (Project 885) was laid in 1993, and "Yuri Dolgoruky" (pr 955) in 96 m. From time to time, they say, that the duration of the construction due to the use of radically new materials and technologies. But this version niskolechko does not contradict the opinion, that for the time being "germs" of boats gathered dust on the stocks because of the lack of conventional financing. Yet, in recent years the funds have been found, and this time for three new submarines ("Severodvinsk" and two "Boreas": "Yury Dolgoruky" and "Alexander Nevsky") are tested. Two more ships are built and laid ("Kazan" Project 885 and the "Vladimir Monomakh" Project 955).

What goes: weapons

Our submarines the coming future, there are a number of problems. Earlier they were associated with the main means, and at the moment — with different equipment. The most popular and "hyped" snag "Borey" project now — rocket P-30 "Bulava". Although now past 5 test launches of the missile were successful, skepticism towards her have not diminished, as well as various jokes. In addition, the oil in the fire of public opinion pour Media: after the 16th launch in August of this year, it was reported that he was initially to be held a week earlier, and moved it because of problems on the boat. Representatives of the Defense Ministry, in turn, quickly denied the reports start moving. So a series of trouble-free test can be considered a sequel. With torpedoes "Boreas" special problems not yet appeared in any case, if they were, then a wide public resonance is not caused.

Similarly, do not lured to discover people's attention weapons boat "Ash". This is understandable: they are the main instrument of anti-ship missiles "Onyx" and "Movement" of different versions and modifications. By the time the true both families missiles tested, adjusted and are built in series. As you know, success is not entice attention as a disaster.

That is: the means and not only

Another problem of the new submarine is constantly "GATHERING" terms. For example, when the construction of the "Severodvinsk" has received a boost in the form of conventional financing, planned to put the boat in the fleet in 2011. But for various reasons this festive event was moved to the second half of the 12th. "Sevmash" states that "Boreas", in turn, will have to wait until the "Bulava" will be ready to the adoption and mass production. We will impose, the subsequent half the 10-ka submarines will go down to the water, tested and put into operation in accordance with the plans.

This year, as Submarine under the ice, floated two similar stories related to the establishment of boats and financial flows. In April, one Tihanov was fined because his company, under a contract with the "Sevmash" from 2009 which led welding, had a respective license. According to an article on illegal entrepreneurship Tihanova fined 30 thousand rubles. In turn, for the work his company has received about 2-million. December 8, it became clear about a similar case. Details until it sounded, it is clear only that some company under the control of a lady from 2007 to 2009 year installation work carried out by 12 million. What will end — we'll see.

In a similar context, from time to time referred to the change management "Sevmash". Recall that in June, the company's CEO N. Kalistratov written statement "voluntarily" and went to work in the legislative bodies of Arkhangelsk. To the post of general director of "Sevmash" was appointed head of the now last CDB "Ruby" A. Diachkov. In okoloflotskoy environment, naturally, slowly strolls version of the reasons for the resignation Kalistratova related to its specific activity in the CEO position. But USC's say it's just a typical optimization "daughters" in order to improve its performance. In addition, in the spring of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov voiced doubts about the necessity of finding Kalistratova as director of the "Sevmash".

Maybe these particular stories with obscure offices without a license and become a major prerequisite for the defense ministry in every way with the shipbuilders traded on the price of contracts. In any case, it is possible to realize the Ministry, if around a large manufacturing plant, "graze" all sorts of little "cowboy office", you can wait for anything. From the increase in the price of contracts to Chertovskikh consequences for the plant. For example, in a similar way already died Saratov Aviation Plant, at that time there was a weight around the subsidiaries and their cash flows are distributed in such a makarom that all profits went to them, and all costs and debts inherited the plant itself. Hardly anyone in this country wants a similar fate for the "Sevmash", or at least some other defense company.

Underwater strategy

Would like to see in the future does not appear problems with the signing of the financing agreements or because of differences in cost. If everything is indeed the case, then the other will be the burning question: where to go, 18 new boats? "Borei" strategic missiles as carriers may be included in at least some part of the Russian fleet. And so it is with "Ash", although in the light of recent developments in the field of missile defense systems such boats may prove more suitable to the Northern Fleet. If the United States will continue to develop its own missile defense system, and specifically its part, based on the ships with the Aegis, with the passage of time necessary to wait for the emergence of such ships in the waters of the Arctic Ocean. Through this area, as we know, more purposefully "hold" intercontinental missile. Accordingly, in the long term to counter the U.S. missile defense system can be useful certain number of submarines with anti-ship missiles. Most range missile launch "Onyx" or "Calibre" achieves 300 km to the shooting of "Aegis" if nece
ssary have to be created from the waters, covered with ice. The real solution of similar problems only by submarines.

However, it must be said, clear plans for rassredotachivaniyu new boats have not been published. There is even a perception that they do not yet exist. It is unlikely that the Defense Ministry will order equipment without a plan for its implementation, but the outlook is and this fact must be reconciled. While no one forbids him to challenge. Where to go specifically to serve the boat, and whose version would eventually prove correct — find out in a couple of years, year to 17-18 when a sufficient number of boats of projects 885 and 955 not only will be launched, and graduate from the tests.

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