The Russian car market in the I half-year was the second largest in Europe

 Automotive market in Russia, which in 2011 became the second largest in Europe, has won the "silver" in the "European Championship" and the I half of this year.

According to the data obtained by the agency "AUTOSTAT" National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of Europe, the leader in sales of automobiles in the I half-year is Germany, whose car market increased by 1% to 1 million 634 thousand 500 vehicles, which was made possible also thanks to substantial discounts from automakers . Meanwhile, in recent months, orders car dealers began to decline, and therefore the German analysts expect a drop in sales in the second half of the year. If the consideration of the European market to take into account Russia, our country is the second line "of the European Championship." According to preliminary estimates of "AUTOSTAT", sales of passenger cars in January-June amounted to about 1 million 334 thousand units, thus setting a new record for the past four years.

In third place is France, whose result was 1 million 255 thousand 659 vehicles sold (-13.4%). What follows is a British car market — from March recorded a steady growth here, which in the I half-year was 2.7% up to 1 million 57 thousand 680 cars. According to the British Society of Motor Manufacturers and dealers (SMMT), the main source of growth were retail sales, which increased by 8.7%.

At the same time, corporate sales remained at the previous year, due to the decline in business activity in terms of the debt crisis in Europe. Closes the "top five" leaders Italy with 814,179 vehicles sold index (-19.7%). According to the Italian Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ANFIA), the present result reached in 1980, but now the situation is exacerbated by the economic and financial problems in the euro zone. We also add that the Spanish car market in the I half-year decreased by 8.2% to 406,070 vehicles, which corresponds to the level of 1993.

Meanwhile, in 2014 Russia will overtake Germany for sales of passenger cars and thus become the largest car market in Europe. As told earlier the agency "AUTOSTAT" Managing Director of BDW Automotive (IHS Group) Detlef Borshayd, the German car market in the coming years, waiting for stabilization at 3.2 million vehicles a year, while in the Russian car sales will continue to grow. Thus, as predicted by BDW Automotive, this year the German car market will grow by 8% to 3 million 200 thousand cars, and Russian — by 15% to 2 million 790 thousand pieces.

Next year will be sold in Germany, 3 million 210 thousand cars in Russia — 3 million 100 thousand. And in 2014, the Russian car market will be able to circumvent German: 3 420 million vehicles compared to 3 million 200 thousand cars. In subsequent years, the gap from Russia and Germany will increase by 2020 will be 4.1 million to 3 million vehicles, predicts BDW Automotive. 

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