The Russian manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries

Appear in Peter make a modern lithium-ion batteries.

Of "Battery Company" Rigel "- the first battery plant in Russia, founded in August 1897 as a joint-stock company" Russian battery factory "TYUDOR." With the development of the Company related to the entire history of the battery industry in Russia.

Today the company is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of advanced batteries and batteries for military equipment, transportation systems, independent and uninterrupted power supply, communications, computing, consumer and other equipment.

The company has a high scientific, engineering and production potential, a modern automated lines for the production of nickel-metal hydride and lithium batteries yonnyh that allows you to quickly carry out the wishes of customers to design and manufacture of batteries for any purpose.

The company has all kinds of licenses and certificates necessary for the development, production and disposal of batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Applications products

Weapons and military equipment
Manned and unmanned underwater and surface facilities, unmanned aerial vehicles, torpedoes, rocket and other weapons, mobile intelligence systems, radar systems.

Transport systems, independent and uninterrupted power supply
Trains and electric systems, independent power, space technology, emergency power supply of industrial plants, robotic systems.

Communications equipment, computers, household appliances and other
Radios, portable lights, portable measuring instruments and devices, navigation systems, portable tool, video-audio equipment, appliances.

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