The Russian project of the average power plant essentially ready for construction

The NPP with water reactors (VVER-640) was developed in St. Petersburg "AEP". Its technology solutions are based entirely on the passive safety systems — their work is due only to the laws of physics, not the actions of equipment or operator.

In St. Petersburg "AEP" meeting was held in preparation for the commercial use of nuclear power project average power. The project with a capacity of 640 MW power unit is optimal for the countries and regions of the emerging grid.

Significant advantages of the project — improving security in comparison with the best existing nuclear power plants, reducing the amount of equipment and the cost of the project, the focus on its mass production, including the possibility of organizing such production on the territory of the customer, reducing the impact on the environment. Thus, in comparison with the draft NPP with VVER-1000, the number of pumps and the deaerator in the project has been reduced by 50%, the heat exchanger — 30%, the number of pipeline tie-ins in the primary circuit of the reactor — 39%. The estimated project value of efficiency of power — 33.6%.

The validity of the design decisions have already been confirmed by examinations of environment and security in Russian regulatory authorities and the results of foreign expertise in Germany and the U.S., both in terms of both security and economic indicators.

According to participants of the meeting to update the project, licensing and documentation required is not more than 1.5 years. Under the actualization of the project is meant to bring into line with the current regulatory framework, taking into account the latest effective technical solutions for nuclear power plants with VVER reissue settlement studies using advanced computer codes and methods, the creation of the information model.

Representatives of the nuclear industry — partners of the project: OJSC "Atomenergomash" EDO "Hydraulic", JSC "CDBMB", JSC "Izhora Plants", SAR Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" of the GOP "VNIPIET" confirmed their readiness to actualize the project for commercial sale. Materials on the NPP with VVER-640 aimed at SC "Rosatom" to decide on the applicability of the on-site Kola NPP-2 and abroad. The designer notes that, if approved, the primary documentation for the start of construction works may be issued for one year.

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