The Russian won the Robot Olympiad


Team St. Petersburg Physics and Mathematics Lyceum number 239, entitled «Hand-Friend», consisting of 10 students, 11 classes, performed in the senior category of creativity in the final of the World International Youth Olympiad in robotics (World Robot Olympiad) and won first place with his robo-project "Greta plays ladushki."

— This year, the team participated in the Olympiad 60 countries in numerous subgroups — said "MK" lyceum director Maxim Pratusevich. — Creative category, which won our guys — one of the most difficult categories. It has no pre-formulated tasks, like, say, in the competition of robots or robot-soccer-graders. Our robot "Greta" demonstrates the well-known game in the ladushki — it may not be too spectacular (it does not show the acrobatic stunts and does not let the fireworks), but in fact this game is extremely difficult in hardware and, most importantly, the implementation of the program. The robot tracks the movement of a person's palm-mate, immediately reacts to them, constantly tries to avoid false movements — all these complicated mechanics and long hours of programming.

On competition WRO exhibited the most bizarre robot models, which, however, are not alien to the real world. For example, one of the characteristics of robots submitted for the competition is made in the form of a small helium balloon with motors fitted with screws which is self accompany a group of tourists in the museum, flying on the tour, stopping at the exhibits and saying a voice comment.

Someone can smile: that the kids are playing — where they play, and where the real science? And it will be quite wrong, because all over the world like a smithy startups attached great importance, they supervise and sponsor representatives of the world's largest IT-corporations, drawing there future Zuckerberg and Jobs …

Precede the final qualifying rounds in their own countries that identify the most deserving teams representing the most innovative and revolutionary developments in the field of robotics. Teams include members from 10 to 17 years and represent dozens of countries around the world.


International Youth Olympiad in robotics, or in other words, World Robot Olympiad (WRO), held annually since 2004, mainly in major Asian cities, which are centers of high technology and manufacturing — Yokohama, Singapore, Taipei, etc. The finals of this year was held in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

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