The sad outcome of the Iraq war

The sad outcome of the Iraq war

Beginning of the war in Iraq began in 2003. Despite the claims of the United States of frisky victory, military action lasts to this day.

During the war the Americans lost 4.5 thousand people were killed, about 35 thousand wounded. But according to an investigation by the television network CBS, the loss of the American army has far exceeded 15 thousand people. This includes those soldiers who committed suicide before and after serving in Iraq. The official referred to the Pentagon in 2200 the figure soldier who committed suicide between 1995 and 2007 year. But the reporters conducted their own investigation, which represented very different numbers. According to them, only in 2005, suicide was 6256.

Broadcaster accused the Pentagon of deliberately concealing the real figures. But as journalists no longer provide no specific numbers, the Ministry is also silent.

What's all the same for the civilian population, the number of victims is shocking. According to the most modest estimates, the victims of the war in the middle of the Iraqi civilian population were more than 1 million people. According to researchers of the Institute of Johns Hopkins University, only in 2006 the number of victims amounted to 625 thousand in almost all Iraqi towns a hundred percent destroyed infrastructure, a shortage of drinking vody.No in addition, almost every day there are small collision on political and religious grounds, have stepped up their activities various extremist groups. The whole country is shrouded in poverty.

Based on the results of the war in Iraq, a number of conclusions:

1) The role of international organizations in resolving the contentious global issues reduced to zero. Striking example — the United States pursued a foreign policy based on their own personal interests, even despite frequent statements UN on preventing war.

2) War showed feeble and the army. We need to develop all kinds of forces and coordinate them in such a makarom to achieve maximum interaction.

3) Monetary content should be quite the highest, on the other fighter, well, commanders can easily be bribed.

4) The population must also be well prepared for the outbreak of hostilities (civilians inhabitants have caused even more damage to South American troops if the Iraqi army).

5) Do not have a confrontation only on the battlefield, and in the media disk imaging (we remember how after the war world community strongly condemned the acts USA).

Apart from this, you need to short the brakes and on the assessment of the level of armament and training of American soldiers. With regard to technology, the South American commanders faced with the problem of inadequate protection of armored vehicles and machines. Thus, south american "Hammer" was the main mode of transport for the Yankees. The command was not concerned about the establishment of at least some protection. The car itself was facilitated by the frame of aluminum, open cars in general can not be protected, and the machines that are used in mobile patrols were "protected" iron sheets.

The sad outcome of the Iraq war

Protection the bullets in general has not been provided, and at least some Kalashnikov rifle at close range could make a hole SUV through. But the most terrible weapon for the "Hammer" was the Russian RPG-7, which just destroyed the car and the whole crew. Because South American fighters began to take off the door with their own cars, because the grenade could just proparhat through lounge, harmlessly.

Despite the fact that the Americans carefully concealed their prepyadstviya from motor vehicles, of huge losses technique showed significant deliveries of cars "Hammer" in Iraq. Their number is equal to tens of thousands.

So makarom of 25,300 U.S. Army armored vehicles only 6 thousand were protected initially.

U.S. President Barack Obama announced the complete withdrawal of troops from the territory of Iraq by the end of 2011. But this does not mean that Iraq is one hundred percent free from the South American presence. The official Pentagon plans to throw around 5 thousand troops, which will be entrusted with the mission of protection of U.S. diplomats and their family members. In addition, the Middle East remains about 50 thousand U.S. troops.

A similar decision to the South American president is largely changes the situation. While Iraq and gets a huge independence from the United States, but at the same time transformed into a subject of active rivalry of Iran and Saudi Arabia. Weakened the impact of the U.S. and Iran.

Not so long ago, the South American intelligence agencies "have identified" Iranian komplot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington. And though the story looks awkward, though of course, that the Iranian-Saudi conflict escalates.

As a result of the struggle for an advantage in the region, the United States does not only lose significant supplies of oil, and lose the strategic initiative, which is already a hint of a continuation of the war.

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