The sad results of 20 years of independence

The sad results of 20 years of independence

If the power of the "orange" lasted until August 24, 2011, it is clear that this day would be celebrated in Ukraine on a grand scale at the highest level. After all — 20 years of "independence." The official part of prazdnichka not without everyday greetings on behalf of the favorites of other countries, the main of which, of course was from the president of the United States. Barack Obama said the subsequent: "Twenty years ago people of Ukraine gained back the lost independence and freedom that they so long aspired. All Americans, namely, those who came to this country from Ukraine, welcomed the event. Since that time, the United States supported the democratic development of Ukraine and the European zeal and will continue to do so, deepening our strategic partnership. " In addition, according to the South American president, "the people of the United States joins in the celebration of the president's own Ukrainian independence, and in the hope of growing abilities for all Ukrainians."

That still left two decades with Ukraine, Little Russia? This is enough time to bring some results. According to the Ukrainian situation to polls, most people do not evaluate stylish, not from the standpoint of "positivism": according to a survey conducted in 2010, 9.5% of people in Ukraine believed that "things are not so bad and we can live," more than half — 53, 4 % said they "live hard, but you can tolerate," another 29.8% uttered that "hate our plight is not possible", and 7.3% of the people surveyed could not answer the question.

Yes, the future citizens of Ukraine stare without much optimism: 28.2% of Ukrainian residents believe that "the overall situation will rapidly deteriorate," 38.8% of people rely "on the gradual change for the better", yet 22.7% of the respondents are trying to "not to think about the next day, live in the present," and 10.4% could not answer the question specifically.

Truth and Russia to unite most of the unwilling, in principle it is also possible to realize, decent view of the future Moscow can not even give its citizens, not to mention the neighbors in the former Soviet Union. So in 2011, responding to the question — "If a referendum on the independence of Ukraine was carried out at the moment, like you vote for?" For Ukrainian independence of the country would vote 46.6% of the people against independence would give their votes-27.8 % of people still 11.5% of respondents said that they do not care what state to live, and 12.5% could not give a definite answer.

Although raised in a different question (in 2011) — "Are you sorry about the demise of the USSR?" Connected with the people responded, followed by: 47.4% — answered "yes, sorry," 29.7% of respondents uttered, "No, I am not sorry, "another 10.4% were indifferent, 12, 5% could not give an answer.

Excellent points to the current situation in the field of social and economic infrastructure of the country, another poll, the people answered the question — "whose time is it? '. Giving an answer to the question, people have put the highest points followed by social categories: politicians — 44 points, beggars — 40 points, adventurers — 36 points, thieves and crooks — 48 points, the officials — 33 points. At the very bottom of the social ladder were: workers — 13 points, -11 points moral authorities, elected representatives of fate — 12, and the talents of the master — to 7 points.

Not justified worldview that as care in the world other Russian generations and the coming generations to replace them did not know the Russian Union of its "horrors of totalitarianism," society in the end what will be on the road full of Europeanization. In Ukraine, as in the past strong feelings associated with the desire to deepen cooperation with Russia, to take a course of integration into one form or another. The Ukrainian elite is still "sitting on a few chairs" — looks at the United States, the EU, not zapamyatyvaya in the case of the Russian Federation and ask for concessions in the memory of "the brotherhood of peoples", holds desovietization, Ukrainisation and shatter-Westernization "of Ukraine» Large Russia. Not zapamyatyvaya with all this about their own pocket.

According to another survey conducted by Research and Branding Group, in Ukraine so far no national idea, which would be able to join a large part of society. According to the survey: 40% of respondents could give its definition, and 18% said that it is not general. The population of Ukraine is not historical and civilizational values, which in fact form the basis of the country. The government artificially created on the basis of the Russian civilization-Rus, which includes four historic regions: Lofty Our homeland (in the main, not counting a number of areas included in the Code), Small Our homeland (Ukraine), Snow White and newcomer Russ Our homeland.

In addition, the brutal "ukrainizatorstvo" Russophobia and Westernization, which was held by the official Kiev, has led to the fact that at the current time, Ukraine consists of areas where the population sprawl in the outlook for all the major issues of life in Ukraine. Almost Ukraine — is not the subject of world politics, and the object which use as a staging directed against Russia.

Construction and commissioning of the South and the North flows, further weaken the position of Kiev, in the ability of blackmail of the EU and the Russian Federation. Not wanting to be integrated into the Customs alliance is yet another confirmation of falsity promises Yanukovych. In fact, Yanukovych regime — the direct successor of the previous three comprador regimes that took power through a pro-Russian rhetoric. At the current time in Ukraine generally not noticeable forces that would have focused on the interests of the people.

The West is in respect of all of Ukraine two decades pursued a policy of neo-colonialism, depriving the country of advanced industries. Sealing the dependence on the import of capital goods, industrial and food products. Almost Ukraine was specialized in the export of iron ore and iron steel, but it is clear that the orientation of only those industries will not support the general population, it is easy for the owners of TNK-TNB excessive. Because the methods of social and economic genocide of the population of the Russian Federation Malaya quickly "cut." From 1991 to 2011 year, According to the State Service of Statistics, the population of Ukraine decreased by 6.27 million people, as of 1 July 2011 for a population of 45,675 million In other words, the population dropped by 12%! This is a real genocide, and the trend continues — for six months in 2011 were born 232 thousand people, killing 344 thousand people.

Approximately four fifths of metal is in the western countries, it is almost reads about. Sakharov realized that dream of taking out unsafe and Zapyataev manufactures in the area of the USSR, while preserving the environment in Europe. With all of this Ukrainian machine-building industry, where a huge mass of skilled labor, degraded and almost no metal consume. Ukrainian government has virtually lost the status of technological power, which it had in 1991 with the formation, some glimmer life only in the remnants of the once massive military-industrial complex (well, it does in the main foreign orders, and an
army of brand-new technology does not come, but in general, and the army waiting for the fate of the Yugoslav-Serb army — complete the "optimization" to the level of the front shelf) and country relegated to the level of semi-raw. The neo-liberal model that dominates in Ukraine does not imply concern for the reproduction of resources, technology, labor and habitats are, it focuses only on the benefits rassredotachivanie rather short in the middle of the oligarchic families.

Has been undermined and that of the foundation of Ukraine and its people, as the most powerful Russian agro-industrial complex. His "undermining" was implemented in the first half of the 1990s. And in the coming completed since the 1996 South American Congress in resolution number 120 followed claimed: "The Government of Ukraine to make its first value of the dismantling of the socialist sector of its economy … by … the privatization of state and collective farms and the termination of their implementation of monopoly control in the agro-industrial sector . " Then Ukrainian President Kuchma, under pressure from the United States issued a decree paevanii and collectivization of agriculture, its main goal was to — to kill large commodity agriculture, crush arable land in the middle of small property owners, who are deprived of the means of production being naturally not able to do at least the old establishment (it is in the presence of a large food needs in the world), and to prepare the ground for Ukrainian companies to sell shares of the West and of the East.

At the current time in the Minor of — more than 40 million hectares of agricultural land, with all this, about 27 million hectares of land is divided into units and accessories are privateers in about 7 million farmers, most of whom can not without the help of others to one hundred percent of the handle their plots. In the end, if the creation of grain and sunflowers still maintained at 2/3 the level of 1991, the situation in the field of livestock of cattle, pigs, sheep, and the production of potatoes, vegetables, fruit, flax and other crops sharply negative . In fact, neo-colonialists Problem solved — saved to create several types of crops for export (possible to see from the number of African States), and the other excluded from the agricultural sector. In the end, absolutely undermined food security of the country, those farmers who could have measured earnings, remained on the sidelines of life. It was also one of the ways social and economic genocide of the people in some rural areas death rate exceeded the birth rate by 3 times. Plus the indoor and outdoor migration. People are moving into town or go abroad. Neo-colonialists are not required of the population, they are only necessary when the socialist economic model. Therefore, the continuation of the present course population will shrink as before.

"Reform" led and complete undermining national security of Ukraine in the military sphere. One can not say that the Little Russian Federation there are no possible opponent, which may encroach upon its current location — a possible opponent Romania, Poland, Turkey. Some circles have put forward territorial claims to the Little Russian Federation, a favorite among them — it's Romania. The Army also is in poor condition, and it is waiting for the upcoming optimization. In all the years of Ukrainian independence of its armed forces have never received its full amount of content that led to Law Ukraine "On Defense" — a 3% of GDP. Ukrainian Armed Forces are always financed on leftovers, about the boundaries of 0.9 — 1.2% of GDP, ie, less than a third of the amount requested. Military analysts in Ukraine and the Russian Federation noted that by the end of 2011 Ukrainian Army has come to the limit of its own existence as a structure that can perform the functions assigned to it. State of arms and military equipment in the army close to critical. For example, in the Army, according to the professionals of the Center research for Army, Conversion and Disarmament for more than 90% of arms and military equipment have virtually exhausted their own resources (they are almost all the time even Russian). Of Ukraine said in late 2007 that were not applicable to the use of 80% of the basic range missiles and artillery, about half of the fighters and bombers of 60%. Virtually no combat-ready Navy.

Very negative situation in the civilian society, not enough that society is very polarized, divided, it is apolitical, endless political scandals, political heresy, caused a backlash — the indifference of people. They live their neuvvyazkami. In addition, there is a loss of social norms and increase the number of destructive acts in the society. When the Soviet Union was a powerful propaganda machine that is bad or good, but made a fundamental thing — constantly pressing on the "brains" to citizens, taught what is good and bad. Now it's not, but there are lots of channels (not just TV, and yellowish press, many Web sites on the web, etc.) that go through the destructive applets that implement violence, fornication, general promiscuity, bad habits as a lifestyle .

The true hallmark of today's Ukraine steel — no justifiable anger against the Russian language, Russian culture, falsification of a shared history and a sample review of the results the second world war. Ultimately Ukrainian statehood was a complete ideological and civilizational impasse. There was a real split of the population, which could be one of the prerequisites for civilian war (if it wished to arrange external forces, and judging by the "Tymoshenko case", this process has already started). Thus, according to the Kiev international institute of Sociology (KIIS), about 70% of the population of eastern, south-eastern provinces (New Russia) and the Crimea believe that the political views of Western Ukrainians are close to fascism. In this case, hard to disagree with today's rare for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev example of prudence, "If this government is dancing on the bones of the people who once defended their country, we must be aware of what we will have to do with this power, and on this basis, to build up their foreign policy priorities. "

A mode of the previous regime of Yanukovych — Yushchenko, in general, can be called neo-fascist. He came to power, violating the prescribed norms of the Constitution, the policy was rabid xenophobe-Russophobe differed last demagoguery and populism. By supporting a similar regime of Saakashvili in August 2008 almost caused a fratricidal war, when the citizens of Ukraine fought wars against Russian forces. Launched a crackdown against dissidents, coming on civilian law — the fabrication of custom charges of "separatism" against activists of the pro-Russian Crimea, the Carpathians, Donetsk.

The sad results of 20 years of independence

The relative stability and the "inner world" almost saved only because the bulk of the population was pinned down the burdens of the struggle for survival, it was not open to the public outcry.

It is understood that 20 years of independence, give a good lesson that we should not take part in the collapse of their own country — the USSR, since all benefits received only a handful of oligarchs and their servants, which turned Ukraine into a closed joint stock company. For ordinary people coming into the system is not the only possibility of normal life for the people of the Russian Federation Malaya (Ukraine), White Russia, Great of — this is the reunion of all the debris majestically Russia-Russia together. The revival of
socialism as the basic model of society.

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