The tablet support TSB-200

Company "KompyuterLend" from St. Petersburg presents a new and very necessary for our Russian Army device: tablet Technical Support TSB-200.

The tablet Technical Support TSB-200 the crew will have an indispensable aid in the operation, maintenance and repair of weapons and military equipment.

The main indicator of the effectiveness of at least some army in the world is the ability to quickly solve assigned tasks. The ability of the military at the technical level, good and excellent to use weapons and military equipment to carry out high-quality technical service and perform routine maintenance of expensive weapon systems and support systems leads to an increase in the level of combat readiness of the troops.

TSB mobile solution for the crews of combat systems and ground support is electric TSB-200 tablet in the case of highly protected, providing military professionals necessary and sufficient information and technical support for the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment in the criteria of peace and war, as the appearance of an emergency.

Intuitive interface provides easy access to all applications TSB-200. The modular structure of the shell tablet software allows you to increase the functionality of the tablet, a means of connection, apart from the basic, additional applications.

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