The UK hit strong hurricane centered over Scandinavia

The UK hit strong hurricane centered over Scandinavia Natural Disasters

Eighth December winter storm swept through the UK, the hardest hit Scotland (County of Ayr, Fife and the central part), and the south of England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Wind speed at Tulloch Bridge (Inverness, Scotland) is 47 m / s. On Mount Kerngorm (central Scotland) were recorded gusts up to 74 m / s.

The strongest wind speed:

Figure 1. Waves lapping on the esplanade Troon.

In the center and south of Scotland, near Glasgow and Edinburgh was declared a "red alert." As a result of the strongest storms in recent decades has been broken many trees because of debris closed roads and schools, and damaged power lines. As a result, about 150,000 homes were without electricity for a day and more than 70 thousand hours.

Figure 2. Part of the road between South Walls and Hoy (Okni) was damaged during the hurricane. For the period of restoration work at the site traffic is blocked.

The epicenter of the hurricane moved to Scandinavia, bringing snow and rain on the coast of the peninsula, in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, and inland to heavy snowfall. Off the coast of Denmark and Holland likely strong winds and coastal flooding.

Figure 3. Satellite photo of the structure of the storm. (University of Dundee / NEODASS / Aqua)

Great little longer able to enjoy the dry weather, as in Western Europe is expected the new storm. Area of low pressure will bring rain to the south west of England and France, including Paris. In Scotland and Northern England will be snowing. On the coast of Western Ireland predicted waves higher than 12 meters and wind speeds are not inferior to the wind speed at Kerngorme.

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